10 Ideas for Decorating Captivating Small Living Rooms

Those pesky small living rooms have us second-guessing what we have to do to make the most of the floor plan. Have you ever struggled with how to arrange your furniture? How to fit in more seating? How to get in more light and beyond?

Here are 10 genius ideas for tiny spaces full of inspiration. They are showcasing the best ways to expand your square footage without any demolition:

1. Every inch counts

Since space is at a premium, make use of the windows in your small living room. Instead of wasting all that space make use of the area under those window sills. You can utilize that space in a variety of ways. Turn it into a stylish place using cladding panels to store your books, plants, and other times.

2. Opt for Floating Shelves

Continuing with the theme of shelving, with limited space, you could opt for floating shelves. Not only will this make the room feel larger, they are a practical solution. These are perfect if you have a lot of books and other items to store. Keep them the same color as your walls for a seamless aesthetic look. Please don’t be afraid to experiment with sizes and layout.

3. Stack Storage

Be clever with furniture items that you buy. For instance, you can use a coffee table as a conversation piece and extra storage in your living room. Repurposing such furniture is a great way to save money and maximize space. Big things, such as throw cushions and blankets, can be stored there. They also provide more surface space for games, refreshments, Project Orochi clothes, and decorative objects.

4. Get Creative with Storage

End tables made from reconditioned suitcases are a terrific way to add storage to your living area. They also offer a surface for books, candles, and drinks. Stack them at the proper height next to your sofa or armchair.

5. Go Vertical

When you’re short of floor space, the only way is up because you don’t have any other option. Make use of storage options that can span from the floor going up. This could be in the form of tall bookshelves, stacking furniture, or cupboards. This will free up more floor space to add other items. Not only is this a neat option to deal with clutter, but it is also very effective.    

6. Make use of glass

Furniture made of acrylic or glass has long been a creative technique for smaller rooms. They provide a purpose while blending into the environment. Consequently, you’ll have a room with all the functionality you need but none of the visual clutter. This is why having mirrors can make a space look larger than it is.

7. Match

Some believe that all-white interiors are the secret to expanding a tiny space.  We’re here to inform you that the influence of color is more complex than that, regardless of the paint you choose. But what if there’s a trick that always works, no matter what’s on your wall? Matching your curtains to your wall (extra points if they’re sheer). Because different colored drapes do not break the optical line, white walls appear to go on forever. If you decide to go dark and moody, use drapes in similar dramatic tones. This is for a super-coordinated, finished effect that’s excellent for a small living space.

8. Flouting furniture

Consider going legless and connecting pieces directly to the wall if you want to add storage/display surfaces to your area. Because the floor area is still free, floating large objects fool the eye into thinking you took up less space.

9. A Wall of Books

Consider converting an empty wall into a top-to-bottom mini library to transform a small, gloomy living area into your favorite reading or learning room. It’ll not only provide plenty of storage, but it’ll also create a statement and give the impression of being built-in. Like the hunter green in this room, pick a deep hue, and add molding to complete the personalized effect.

10. Behold the Power of Threes

You can add more elements to a room without occupying more space. Doing this by grouping items into threes is a wonderful technique to make a living room appear bigger. (Not to mention that smaller items like this can be moved about as needed.)

These ten options will make such a difference in any small lounge. There is no need to have a cramped living area when there are so many options to declutter. Furthermore, these tips will make your lounge very attractive and valuable. And if you need more tips for buying your next home, click here.

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