3 Home Improvements to Keep Your Family Safe This Winter

When making home improvements, you need to pick those that will leave your home in good shape for as long as possible. They should also keep your family safe and have great returns if you want to get the best out of them. If you’d like to know some of the things that you should do to keep your family safe this winter, read on to see three of them.

1. Update Your Garage Door

Your home’s garage door is an important part of the home, and one that can have a massive impact if anything goes wrong with it. This means that you need to make sure your home’s garage door functions as it should so that you can be sure of efficiency and safety. From the handle to the sensors and all other parts of the door, you must be sure that every component of your garage door functions well.

With the average garage door being used between three to five times a day, it’s clear that this is a part of your house that sees a reasonable amount of traffic. Check the working parts of your garage to make sure that they’re all functioning precisely. Alternatively, you should call a professional to look at your door and advise you on the right steps to take in order to get it in a good state. While it may be tempting for you to attempt a DIY, note that this can be extremely risky. A garage door is one of the parts of your house which you need to entrust to an expert for the best outcome, especially in terms of safety.

2. Inspect and Repair the Roof

Your home’s roof is another important element that you should take care of. This is because it plays a crucial role, and in winter, it’s going to be under a lot of extremes. The freezing temperatures will also cause pests and rodents to attempt and seek shelter in warmer and enclosed spaces. Your home’s roof fits the bill and so, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up having to deal with pests in your roof that have found a way through gaps and cracks.

While 65% of homeowners said that they’re most likely to repair their roofs after weather damage in a survey, this shouldn’t be the driver behind having your roof inspected and maintained. As a new season begins, it’s good practice to clean your roof and also inspect it for possible damage. This is because you may find an issue that you need to deal with fast. A well-maintained roof can last for a longer time than its ignored counterpart, so add roof inspection to your winter home maintenance checklist.

3. Replace the Siding

Third, your home’s siding is one of the improvements you should consider making in time for winter. This is because damaged siding can let the outdoors in, rendering your heating efforts useless. This is why you need to check the siding and make sure that it’s in a solid state. Along with the roof, your home’s siding takes quite a hit. Keep in mind that most siding installed is rated for winds reaching 110 mph. If it does get ripped off by the wind, you should know that vinyl siding is the easiest to re-install.

Some signs that you should replace your siding include spotting leaks as a result of ice collecting on your home’s exterior and then melting. Wood siding may also rot and let a lot of moisture into your home. Wood rot spreads, so it’s crucial to catch it and fix it before it gets out of hand and affects other areas of your home.

Make these three home improvements to give your family’s safety a boost this winter. You should always work with an expert whenever possible so that you lower the risk you’re exposed to and also have a high chance of getting a great job done.

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