4 Weirdest Beauty Tips Ever That Really Work

Beauty tips

There are numerous beauty products launched now and then. Cosmetic and makeup industries launch different skincare products to provide better and flawless skin and hair than ever. However, there are still some people who prefer using natural, or you can say weird stuff in their beauty routine. Want to find out what those four weird beauty products are? Well, if yes then keep on reading. We have compiled a list of 4 most bizarre beauty products that work. Have a look:

1- Coca-cola as shampoo:

Coca-cola? Shocking, right? Well, other than just drinking it with your meals coca-cola can also be used as a bottle of shampoo as stated by Suki Waterhouse who is a famous model and actress. According to her, Coca-cola gives your hair a smooth and silky texture which is why washing your hair with cola twice or thrice a week is right for your hair.

2- Want to dry out a pimple? – use toothpaste:

Worried about your growing blisters? Want to get rid of them? Well, here is an ultimate yet awkward solution. Applying toothpaste on your pimples can help in drying them out and eventually reducing inflammation and redness. Amazing, isn’t?

3- Whiten your nails with toothpaste:

Polishing, whitening and buffing your nails can be hard. If you want those princess-nails without making any efforts than applying whitening toothpaste is the best answer. Hydrogen peroxide present in the toothpaste helps in whitening the nails giving them a look of a French manicure.

4- Treat your dandruff with Aspirin:

Dandruff can be quite annoying. If you are tired of trying different shampoos and still can’t get rid of dandruff, then try adding crushed aspirin in your shampoo. The salicylic acid present in the aspirin can help eliminate the dry skin cells and dandruff to a great extent.

These are the four most weird beauty tips which every girl should know. If not all make sure, you try one of them out for sure. Trust me; you’ll love the effects of these weirdest home remedies. Stay tuned for more beauty articles!!!

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