5 Home Improvements that Can Save You Money

Owning a home is a dream come true for many people. You finally have a place that you can call your own; furnish, arrange and decorate as you like without requiring approval from a housing agency or landlord.

To get the most out of your house, it is advisable to carry out periodic home improvements to various elements. Good quality home improvements don’t come cheap, but the benefits they bring to the home are worth every coin. In this article, we look at some of these home improvements which, though they cost money initially, end up saving you more in the long run.

Replacing the Roof

The energy bill is among the highest monthly expenditures in the home. What has your old roof got to do with energy costs? Plenty! The old-fashioned techniques and materials used on earlier roofs contribute little to regulating the temperatures in the house. Newer roof models insulate against heat loss in winter and keep out excess heat in summer. This means that the heater or air conditioner works less, reducing the power bills.

How much money does it take to replace a roof in the U.S? Different factors will have to be considered here, but ultimately it costs about $8,000 for a full replacement. For this sum, you must be wondering how much savings you’ll make with the energy-efficient roof. According to the United States Department of Energy, a modern roof can enhance energy efficiency by up to 30%. The monthly savings accumulated over time translate to significant savings in the long run.

Tankless Water Heater

Tank water heaters keep the water hot all day long, while a tankless water heater only heats when required. By utilizing the heater only on demand, you significantly reduce water bills. Tankless heaters are up to 34% more energy-efficient in comparison to other types of heaters in the market. This type of heater also lasts longer, making it more economical.

New Appliances

People are becoming more conscious of their power consumption, and manufacturers are responding by creating energy-sufficient appliances. Replacing your older appliances has a significant effect on your power bills. Check the energy ratings before you buy. In addition, keep your appliances in good shape, so they do not have to consume more power than necessary. Even seemingly minor actions like switching them off when not in use have a major impact on power usage.

Water Harvesting System

Utilizing rainwater gives you a major relief on your water bills. A water harvesting system has 3 main features: gutters, filters, and tanks. For a small compound, consider an underground tank. The water can be used for general purposes; cleaning, flushing the toilets, watering the garden, and so on.

Should you want to have it for domestic use, then you need to add a purifier into the water harvesting system. Ensure that you check the bylaws of your area in advance to see the rules relating to water harvesting.

Solar Panels

Replacing your power supply with solar energy is one of the best improvements that you can have for your home. Do not let the initial cost of buying and installing the solar panels derail you. In about 5 years, you’ll have saved the equivalent of the amount you spent on the installation. As long as there’s sunlight, you can always be assured of your supply of solar power.

Remember to choose a qualified, experienced, and certified contractor for your home improvement tasks. Substandard work will end up costing you more in maintenance and repairs instead of saving you money. Should you be dissatisfied with the work, consider filing a claim with the contracted company for a refund. For genuine complaints, 9 out of 10 refunds are issued in a period of 21 days. If your claim needs additional review for any reason, then you may have to wait longer. Avoid such inconveniences by working with the experts so that every home improvement project is done to your satisfaction.

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