5 Reasons Your Child Should See an Orthodontist

Part of enjoying life at home with your family is making sure your children have the best dental care they can get. Orthodontic dentistry focuses specifically on correcting misaligned and poorly fitting teeth, with the specialists who provide the procedures covering everything from braces to jaw surgery, and anything else related to your dental care. So, if you’re thinking about orthodontics, that’s great. Here are the reasons your child should visit an orthodontist.

For Missing or Crowded Teeth

Missing or crowded teeth can cause problems with new teeth coming in and baby teeth falling out. Missing teeth can make chewing difficult, which has a negative impact on digestion, which is never ideal. Similarly, crowded teeth are the result of teeth having too much space between them, so they, too, can make eating nutritious meals more challenging for your child. Considering about 25% to 50% of kids require orthodontics, it’s a great solution to consider orthodontal treatment in response to missing and crowded teeth that could affect your child’s health.

For an Overbite, Underbite, or Crossbite

In terms of affecting a child’s confidence, a significant overbite can make the difference between getting good grades in school and feeling too sad to attend without feeling bad. Many children will experience overbites and underbites, especially in response to thumb-sucking, or tampering with their teeth, or later, not brushing their teeth properly. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 23 percent of children aged 2–11 have never been to the dentist, not once. Even with that shocking statistic being relevant, visiting an orthodontist is a step forward in the right direction for families who require treatment.

For Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth can affect children in the worst way, considering how a child may appear in school pictures when wanting to look their best. Misaligned teeth can most often be corrected with braces, although porcelain veneers are also a more temporary option and one which can also help get your child’s teeth straightened.

If They’re Experiencing Jaw or Neck Pain

Unfortunately, given the fact that orthodontic procedures affect the jaw and surrounding bones, pain is a possibility your child may experience. Be aware of the persisting jaw or neck pain, especially when you’ve already noticed indicators that orthodontic procedures might be necessary. Jaw and neck pain, in particular, can affect your child’s ability to concentrate and study in school. Should the pain persist, go away and come back, or get worse over time, treatment may be necessary. Orthodontic procedures are the solution for jaw and neck pain associated with the teeth.

To Explore Orthodontic Procedures

Braces are common, but Invisalign is another solution that some children may require. The benefit of seeing an orthodontist is that you’ll have frequent appointments in which to discuss further options. Furthermore, visiting an orthodontist is especially useful for procedures that only provide a partial amount of the repair necessary to fix the problems. In many cases, you’ll have to leave home and take your child into the orthodontist’s office more than twice a year. But it’s better to have as much lead time as possible on orthodontal problems that might persist for over a year. Research shows an estimated 3.9 million children are orthodontic patients in the U.S. That’s good news to hear if your child needs orthodontic treatment, as the services are often available in a city near you.

Your child might have to see an orthodontist if they’re suffering from misaligned or crooked teeth, or worse, experiencing significant jaw and neck pain related to problems with the teeth. An orthodontist will take special care to diagnose the problem so that you and your child can go home with confident smiles. As long as you help your child take care of their teeth, these procedures will have the impact they should.

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