6 Tips for Organizing Your Home This Spring

Nothing is as satisfying as coming back to a well-organized and clutter-free home. Still, sometimes organizing your home can be difficult when you have so many things. On top of that, by nature, humans are big consumers. That means always buying stuff. And while there is nothing wrong with that, the issue arises when you accumulate too much so that organizing your home becomes difficult and stressful. To ensure this task is manageable, take a look at some of the tips on organizing your home this spring.

Allocate Enough Time for Organizing

Spring organizing cannot happen in just one day. Depending on how big your house is or how much organization is needed, you may have to allocate 2 hours every day for this task. While organizing the closet may need an hour or two, the basement or garage may need half or a full day.

Start With One Area

When you are trying to organize different areas around the house, focus on one area at a time. Organizing your home can be difficult when you are covering all rooms simultaneously. There is a high chance you will tire easily, and some rooms will not get your maximum attention. Instead, do one room at a time. Do you want to start with the messiest or easiest room? Over 50% of homeowners agreed that the most disorganized room in the house is the garage. You can start here and then finish with the lighter rooms. For those looking for some motivation to get the job done, start with less disorganized rooms. Once you notice how easy these tasks are, you will be motivated to continue.

Declutter Your Home

As mentioned earlier, clutter can make organizing a home a nightmare. If you have a lot of unnecessary items, especially in the basement or attic, get rid of them. Recently, ClosetMaid did an organization survey on 2000 Americans. Half of them admitted to having a clutter issue. To make your decluttering easier, collect about four large boxes. Label them as ‘keep,’ ‘donate,’ ‘storage,’ and ‘throw away.’ Now start organizing by placing items where they ought to go. This is the key to making sorting items much easier.

Start With Large Items

You can easily get wrapped up in organizing two drawers, and before you know it, three hours have gone by. Instead, start organizing large items like furniture and appliances. Decide which items you are keeping, what is being moved to a different room, and what is being donated or thrown away. For instance, if you are converting the garage to an office, start moving the necessary furniture toward that room. Or if you are moving the futon to the bedroom for relaxing, do that. Not only will you feel like you have achieved something, but you will be left with more space to work with.

Add Extra Storage

Most of the time, your home looks disorganized because you do not have enough storage for items. Instead, join the many Americans remodeling their homes and upgrade your home storage. This is not a costly project compared to kitchen or bathroom renovation. In fact, on average, Americans have spent an average of $13000 on home upgrades, which is about 50% more than they spent in 2019. Do not shy away from parting with several hundred dollars if it means investing in a well-organized house.

Clean Your Home Often

Cleaning your home often goes a long way in keeping it organized in the long run. Regularly, ensure that you are not keeping items you no longer need. Avoid using unfilled drawers and clean surfaces as quick solutions for organizing your home. Every item should have a designated place in your home. Also, designate a specific time for deep cleaning your home, such as spring. You can even hire professional cleaners for this work.

With these tips, you can manage to keep your home organized this spring. This will make spending time in your home much more fun and relaxing.

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