6 Tips on Making Your Own Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for a new and fun hobby to enjoy or you want to look for a new way to get some extra money by selling the items you make, making your own jewelry is a great thing to do. Look at these five tips on how you can go about making your own jewelry, and start as soon as possible!

1. Choose the Medium You Want to Work With

The most important and basic step you can take is to first of all decide the specific type of jewelry you want to learn to make. When you know the medium that’s used to create it, you will have a great point from which to start. From beads and leather to epoxy and precious stones, there’s a lot to choose from. You could even go for diamond jewelry, which ranks 10 on the Mohs scale and is the strongest mineral in the world. They’re also the most concentrated form of pure carbon in nature.

2. Learn Different Terminology in Your Niche of Choice

Each specific field of jewelry will have different terminology associated with it, and it will help you get things you need a lot more easily. When you know what to ask for in a store or the terms to add when searching for components that you need, it will be easier to get them. You will also better understand different techniques and methods you should use while making jewelry and will therefore have an easier time and enjoy doing so all the more.

3. Get the Right Tools

While many professional jewelry-makers can improvise when they find themselves out of a tool or material that they need, as a beginner, you will be better able to work well and learn faster when you have the right tools. Check online with other jewelry-makers in your field to find out what they recommend and spare the money to get it. It will all be worth it in the end.

4. Find a Place From Which to Work

To effectively work on your jewelry and not get in the way of everyone else, you need to find a specific place from which to work. You can use any room in the house that’s otherwise empty, from the basement to the garage. Up to 55% of Americans, according to Garage Living, do hobbies and other activities in the garage for one to two hours each week. This shows that you will be in great company as there are already many other people doing the same thing, showing you that it works.

5. Look for Inspiration Online

It’s usual for jewelry-makers, even seasoned ones, to run out of inspiration every now and then. In this case, you can always look for fresh ideas online. If you want to borrow someone’s idea, it will be good to ask them if it’s okay to do so, as they might have put it up for sale and it’s never nice to take other’s ideas without asking and use them for your own benefits.

6. Take a Class

When you finally find a home in a specific field of jewelry-making, you may still be unclear on different things and methods. In this case, you will do well to take a class or two online to help clarify things for you. With around 86% of small businesses using Facebook for advertising, you will be sure to find a reputable person or business offering a course on what you need to learn. Look around online and read reviews to make sure that you’re making a good decision by settling on a course that many people have benefited from.

These six tips should enable you to get started on making jewelry, and in no time at all, you will become a professional who may even teach others how to do it.

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