7 Reasons Why Mens Hate Makeup

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Let’s admit the fact that right now more than half of the ladies reading this article don’t leave the house without putting on makeup. It’s not the makeup that’s the issue there’s just a weird complex and fear among women that they cannot pull of a beautiful look with no makeup at all. Applying some makeup is totally fine, and it sometimes looks good, but if you are just putting it on for the sake of impressing your man or if you think that putting makeup will get you into a relationship, etc. then you might be slightly wrong here because men prefer women who are simple and have natural beauty.

Yes and this might come as a shock to many of you but if you take a survey on your own or if you just ask your man sincerely what he likes more on you then honestly, he’d tell you that the simpler you look, the more he is attracted towards you. In fact, some men just hate makeup, and today we are going to tell you why is that so.

Natural Beauty And Why Is It More Attractive?

1- They want to know what you are hiding beneath

You’ll admit this one that some women apply so much makeup that when they take it off, it’s like two different people and that scares the men out there. You see, when you have too much makeup sparkled on your face, your man will start wondering what you are hiding from them. Is it a bad birthmark or a tattoo or do you have any eyelashes of your own or not? These are some of the questions that men keep wondering when you come in front of them all stacked up with makeup.

2-You take a lot of time to get ready

One common couple issue is that women are always late especially when they have to get dressed up and this habit annoys men a lot. All you are doing is applying makeup just to appear beautiful to your man and other people in the party, but that makeup can annoy your husband/bf to a whole another level especially due to the time you take.

3-Makeup removal leads to no cuddle time

Have you ever felt sexy and all heated up with your man but then you remember that you have makeup on and you need to clean it up before some cuddling and sex? Well, this might have happened to you especially if you are married and this is another major reason why men hate makeup.

4-It’s messy

When it’s fresh, it looks good, but after some time or after a few hours, your makeup turns into a huge mess. You cannot even rest your face on your husband’s shoulder because all the blush on and mascara will stain his white shirt. How bad is that?

5-What will she look like with no makeup on?

This is one legit worry that most of the single guys think of when they meet a love interest who always has a mask of makeup on her face.

6-You are always ready for an adventure

When you have no makeup on, and all you are carrying with you is a natural beauty, then you will always be ready for an adventure with your man like skiing, jogging and even swimming.

7-The smell of the makeup products

You might not know this but there is always a weird smell of your makeup and you won’t, but your man will definitely get sick or annoyed of that smell whenever he’ll try to come close to you.

These are some of the main reasons why men hate makeup. However, we aren’t asking you to boycott all the makeup products, it’s just that sometimes you need to go all-natural and simple in front of your man and have some confidence in your natural beauty.

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