A Mothers Guide to Finding a New Job

Motherhood changes things across the board. It changes how you view the world, and how you navigate life, and of course, requires that you make decisions with the little one(s) in mind. Motherhood also changes how you look for a job and what type of job you can take. These tips can help you to find a job after you become a mom.

The Law and Motherhood

If you are pregnant and searching for a new job, you should know that your rights are protected. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act was passed in 1978 and bans employers from not hiring a woman that is pregnant. Over the years, the protections have been extended, but that does not, in and of itself, mean it will be easy to find a job when you are expecting. However, you should review the law to better understand your rights.

If you are preparing for motherhood and also looking for a job at the same time, it can be a challenge, but not a challenge that is impossible to overcome. If you are highly qualified for the position that you are applying for, apply. You are under no legal obligation to tell the potential employer you are pregnant, although you should because you do not want to start off on the wrong foot by concealing the information.

Shore up Your Resume

Motherhood can provide you with a whole new skillset. You may have gained scheduling skills and other skills through motherhood. Add those skills to your resume. If you have learned to multitask through motherhood, add those skills. Keep your resume up to date with your newfound skills. If you have been home for a few years because of motherhood duties, those are valid duties that you can add to your resume.

Adding your new skillsets to your resume under the heading “household engineer” will at the very least make your resume stand out among other resumes. It may just be the ticket to getting an employer’s attention.

Put the Time In

Motherhood leaves very little time for anything else, but if you are looking for a job, finding one requires that you put the time in. You can search while the kids are at school or the baby is taking a nap. On average, job seekers dedicate about 11 hours each week to searching for the ideal job. Searching for a job is in and of itself a job. Schedule time to find the ideal job.

Make Time to Network

Here is a startling statistic, about 60% of jobs are found by networking. Part of the time you have scheduled for finding a new job should be dedicated to networking with old colleagues, college friends, and other people you know that can point you in the right direction. Networking can help you find the ideal position.

Online Is Not the Only Resource

Most people that are searching for a job will turn to the internet. However, a recent survey found that about 80% of open positions never make it to an online forum. How do people find jobs? We already talked about networking, but there is another way that people find jobs. Signage. About 35% of customers locate a business by seeing a sign, the same is true of new employees. They find a job by passing by a business with a sign in the window.

In other words, do not limit your search to online only. Yes, motherhood takes up a lot of time, and it can be difficult to get out there to canvas for potential employment, but it can be the easiest way to find a local job with hours that will fit into your lifestyle.

Work From Home Opportunities

The COVID 19 pandemic really changed how people work. If you have a specific skill set like bookkeeping, writing, or even administrative skills, you can freelance to generate that income. Freelancing is a great opportunity to keep your skills up to date while focusing on motherhood.

Get creative in your job search to find a job that pays well, fits your schedule, and allows you the freedom to fully enjoy motherhood.

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