Audiense, an Audience Intelligent Platform

Audiense is located in the US, Spain, London, and Cordoba. It is an Audience Intelligence Platform with unique social marketing tools and rich, actionable, and valuable insight. It helps firms and organizations understand their audience and provide strategies to engage the audience based on what the audience says, who they are, and who they observe and think through social media information.

The platform and products enable the marketers to analyze and identify the market opportunities, their audience in an unparalleled depth and innovative ways to engage with people in the market.

As a marketer and consumer researcher through this innovative social marketing platform, you can devise audience-centric strategies to engage with the audience by doing sophisticated customer segmentation of unparalleled audience and understand the audience in the market. The audience intelligence platform offered you two of its products that are:

Audiense Products and Their Description

The two products of the audience are

  • Audiense Connect

It is also known as Socialbro. It is a Twitter marketing tool

  • Audiense Insight

Segmentation and Audience intelligence platform

Audiense Insight

Audiense Insight is a platform for audience intelligence and segmentation. It enhances your capability to understand and identify your unique audience. Through this platform, you can create highly customized customer segments with the help of its filter option.

It helps you create a report, such as creating demographics, user profile, affinities, and job roles in an innovative and more meaningful way. Audiense insight enhances your ability to make specific marketing strategies and decisions, improve your target marketing, manage high-performance campaigns and boost relevancy. Audiense Insight devises efficient ways to:

  • Understand and analyze your audience like never before through social marketing
  • Provides you an insight into audience demographic status
  • Able you to find audience hobbies and interests through which you can find out what people like more
  • Provide information about people lifestyle

Audiense Connect

 Socialbro, a Twitter marketing tool. Audiense connect to provide a platform for marketers and consumer researchers to identify and reach their target audience by advertising through their exclusive technology. By approaching Socialbro, you can use the world popular audience insight to identify, explore and build communities to attract an audience.

It allows you to engage with the people and identify the targeted audience directly through Twitter at a specific scale. This scale analyzes and manages the community to monitor and listen to the audience innovatively and target the audience through advertising on Twitter. This platform provides you online rewards from the publishers by acquiring premium advertiser content. These premiums allow users to add different formats in mobile, videos, and displays.

Audiense Aim and challenge

Audiense faced different challenges and difficulties to maintain and revive its development. Audiense aim is to solve these challenges for providing the world with a better audience intelligence platform.

Audiense Challenge

The biggest challenge faced by the audiense is the culture that is developing and continuously changing in today’s world. So it is difficult to devise the customer segmentation and analyze them.

The audience customer segmentation platform observes the customers’ behaviors and provides you with unique and specific customer segmentation strategies to observe the changing culture that reflects the real affinities.

Audiense Aim

Audiense aims to solve traditional problems like improving strategies to reduce the time consumed in the research of targeted customers. Moreover, it reduces the struggle of firms and organizations in incorporating social media data in the strategies. Also, it enhances the performance of marketing in the increased competition of brand strategies and personalization.

Key Features of Audiense

Audiense, an audience intelligence platform, consists of the following features that provide you with innovative strategies to engage with the targeted audience.  The key features of audiense include!

  • Audience manager

The audience manager in the Audiense helps you identify and analyze the audience that matches your brand and the products you offer in a meaningful way. It targets the specific audience you want to engage with from a very large community.

  • Campaign tools

The campaign tools in the Audiense provide you strategies that help promote highly organized and optimized paid campaigns.

  • Measuring tools

Audiense provides you with various tools to measure and evaluate the social performance of your brand.

  • Reports

The report feature in the audiense gives you information about what the audience thinks, says, and talks about. Also gives you their real affinities and defines the audience for you.

  • Monitoring

This feature of the audiense allows you to listen and analyze the conversations on social media platforms.

Advantages of Using Audiense

The key benefits of using the audiense include

  • Identification of the audience based on social data
  • Determination of audience interests and real affinities
  • Creating personalized strategies
  • Complementary technology stack

Bottom line

Audiense represents the best platform for identifying and segmentation customers and tracking the targeted community on Twitter with a scale. Moreover, it analyzes the commitments in the social platforms. Generally, this software is helpful and worth it, but you should have higher budgets and enroll in large organizations for this.

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