Author: Emily Lee

Beauty tips

4 Weirdest Beauty Tips Ever That Really Work

There are numerous beauty products launched now and then. Cosmetic and makeup industries launch different skincare products to provide better and flawless skin and hair than ever. However, there are still some people who prefer using natural, or you can say weird stuff in their beauty routine. Want to find out what those four weird beauty products are? Well, if yes then keep on reading. We have compiled a list ...

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Pregnant woman at work

Safe Pregnancy Program of Fertty International

Fertility is a serious problem that can be a challenge for many women in their life's journey. While this problem has not been totally eliminated, the advances in science and technology are getting us closer to solving the problems of infertility. Many scientific methods have been designed to assist women to get pregnant. While some of these methods prove to be failures, others have been proven to be a success ...

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pik2 - Float Tanks - The Anxiety Buster

Float Tanks – The Anxiety Buster

The float tank or sensory deprivation tank can be said to have come around full circle in the medical field as more and more individuals have come to find the treatment useful towards treating a variety of ailments. Originally known as the isolation tank they were officially conceptualized and built by Dr. John C Lilly in the 50s who was a doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst deprives the inhabitant of the tanks of all ...

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Top 5 Logo Embroidery Services In Fresno, California

There is nothing more important for any type of businesses than its branding. According to a recent survey-based report more than 90% of businessmen and marketers accept that it is impossible to look professional without a brand identity uniform. The good news is that you can also use logo embroidered uniforms as the tool of marketing to meet your all branding goals If you are also ready to dress up your ...

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