Competition: 5 Keys To Success You Need To Know

There are four different keys to success that can be learned in any nook and corner of the world. In a world where the focus is increasingly on making more money while maintaining the ethics and goodwill of businesses, competition is a well-known trend. Though the stark reality is somewhat different, it can be fairly stated that businesses, or individuals, do not always respect the ethics of competition. When you start thinking terribly about other brands, then it becomes dangerous. This becomes dangerous because you may go to extremes to measure up what the other person is doing. That is when the competition turns into jealousy, war, and hatred – and those things are anything but professional.

However, when you are competing, it is different. For starters, it is a healthy feeling where everyone is giving their best efforts. Though there are people who become a little too competitive, it is okay because it is going on a positive growth rate for the group, like in a classroom. Having a little competition is a good thing. This is because it pushes people to be successful in their lives. It also pushes them to learn better lessons that are available for everyone to be more successful in life. Here are the 4 keys to success you need to know.

1- The Listing of Goals

When you take part in any competition, it breeds goals. People who are accustomed to playing sports know what goal setting is and they want to take and win every milestone till the nationals, while some people may be just measuring themselves against a particular opponent. So here’s the thing, every successful competitor lays their goals at the beginning of the competition so that they know where to land. They know they will achieve something if they set some personal challenges, and the fact is, setting a challenge helps you plan better.

2- Discipline 

Any competition you take part in has minimum eligibility criteria involved. No competition has been won without working for it. Thus, whoever competed in the competition has dug deep and worked hard for what they wanted. They accepted that they could reach their goal no matter what, and they kept doing the same thing tirelessly until they found some shareable results. If you are in a race, you should either work for your victory or you can simply give up. The choice is yours – and so is the strategy.

In addition to this, no successful person has ever reached their goals by being lazy and slacking off. In fact, comparing your progress with a competitor can make you work harder, run faster. However, discipline is when you focus on bringing yourself to run faster rather than on making the person ahead of you fall.

3- Ability to learn from mistakes

To err is to be human. Everyone talks when they won and they like to tell more about their success stories rather than their stories from the failures. The same people who take pride in talking about their achievements feel embarrassed to talk about their defeats. Learn to learn from mistakes. Everyone knows that success is enjoyable, but only by losing can you learn where you went wrong. If your competitor followed a strategy that you didn’t, you can try to understand what made their strategy a winner.

You may fail at some point in your life, but life goes on and so should you. You need to be able to move past all the disappointment that may come from your actions or by seeing your face.

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5- Constant Improvement

You can expect a person to improve but people who love to compete always find ways to be the best version of themselves. They want to get stronger, faster, and better. When you see that you are inching towards a goal, and you can immediately set a new goal. If you break one record for performing extraordinarily, you set your eyes on something bigger.

A person’s main competitor is themselves in any kind of competition. You are competing with yourself to be better than you were yesterday. The Japanese, in business terms, call this the ‘Kaizen’ method. It basically aims for constant improvement as an individual and as an organization.

Thus, the mindset of a person needs to be progress-oriented in order to absorb anything from a competition. Business competitions often get dirty with ad wars, rivalry, insider information trading and so much more. However, goodwill and fair ethics outrun all other tactics used to win a competition in the long term. This applies not only to businesses but to individuals as well. As long as you are in the right mindset, you will earn more than you lose in any given competition.

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