Discover All Different Relaxation Body Massages, Surprise !!!

Relaxation makes it possible to better deal with annoyances and aggressions, to better enjoy periods of calm, and rest effectively, by dispelling irritability or anxiety.

Relaxation does not solve everything, but it allows us to better deal with the small and big annoyances, so frequent, that ruin our lives when it comes to our relationships.

A massage is a tool for communicating with others, reducing tensions and knots caused by stress, fear, anxiety, imperfect nutrition, and a bad environment.

Massage aims to purify the body, facilitate the circulation of energies, and eliminate blockages, tensions, and fatigue.

The goal is to decrease:

  • Blood pressure
  • The rest period is necessary for the effects of fatigue to disappear
  • The use of sedatives and sedatives

Massages are often surprisingly effective in relaxing and balancing the body and mind. Here is a non-exhaustive list of relaxing massages :

  • Anti-Stress Relaxation Minute Massage

it is a massage of a few minutes performed on a person dressed sitting or standing. It is a massage mainly focused on the back, neck, and head. This massage is fast and allows relaxation in a few moments.

  • Reflexology

it is a massage performed on reflex zones of the body. Most often on feet and hands. The hand or foot is massaged, knowing that each area corresponds to an organ or part of the body. Thus by massaging the whole foot, there perform a stimulating and regulating massage of the whole body.

  • Korean Relaxation

it is a massage carried out by shaking and vibrating each part of the body. This massage, which is performed in dress, has a very relaxing effect thanks to the vibrations reflected throughout the body.

  • Energy awakening (self-massage)

By tapping with fingers or fists, one follows the path of the meridians on the body. Tapping is done on the head, face, arms, chest, belly, buttocks, and legs. This technique is very energizing. This technique is recommended to stimulate oneself in the morning upon waking up.

  • Metamorphic Massage

During pregnancy, the child’s life force defines the person’s pattern of development and evolution. Metamorphic massage, by stimulating reflex zones, reactivates this life force in order to relaunch and optimize the initial evolution pattern and allow the necessary change(s) in the person’s life.

  • Californian massage

It is characterized by long, fluid, and harmonious movements that sculpt and envelop the body. Vigorous maneuvers provide increased muscle relaxation, while rocking and stretching encourage abandonment and restore sensory richness. The use of oil promotes the art of touch and contributes to the fluidity of the massage. Californian massage is above all a relaxing massage.

It is ideally received in the nude to enjoy the long, enveloping movements. This massage invites the person to discover their body, love it, unify it, and focus more.

  • Lympho-Energy

The Lympho-Energie Dominique Jacquemay drainage is a method of touch in the field of well-being and health prevention. It associates lymphatic stimulation maneuvers with Chinese energy points.

The method aims to facilitate the natural self-purification of the body’s toxins. This very respectful treatment quickly allows extreme relaxation, and effectively fights against:

  • stress,
  • loss of vitality,
  • circulatory difficulties,
  • cellulite and water retention.

These methods are limited only to the sphere of well-being and are not related to any medical or paramedical practice.

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