Green Coffee: Everybody Talks About It.

Green Coffee: Everybody Talks About It.

Every woman dreams to get the perfect shape, to have a flat belly and to get dressed like Hollywood stars without fearing that the body imperfections appear.

Following a strict diet and working out are the traditional ways to get in shape, however not all women have neither time to do fitness nor the will to avoid eating certain aliments considered unhealthy.

A woman can’t imagine herself obese to become fat is women’s nightmare, Females who have enough money consult frequently slimming centers and they don’t mind having plastic surgery to have the perfect body, however those with the low-income resort to alternative ways such as  “green coffee”. So what exactly “green coffee is?  How it’s consumed? What are the negative effects on its consumption?

What are “Green coffee” Beans?

Green coffee beans are coffee seeds of the Coffea fruits that have not been roasted yet.

The roasted coffee beans that we are used to consuming have already lost some benefits because the roasting process reduces the amount of chemical chlorogenic acid. Which is a powerful antioxidant?

This natural amalgam found in coffee beans stimulate weight loss by increasing body heat production, to accelerate the burning fat process, and it affects how the body handles metabolism.

How to consume “green coffee”?

Green coffee is not consumed like the normal black coffee, because both its taste and texture are different.

You can simply make a cold infusion by putting 7 to 10 beans of green coffee in a cup filled by water. Then let stand overnight in the refrigerator. And you should drink it in the morning before taking your breakfast, and keep doing it for several months to have better results.

NB: having a second cup per day especially after lunch is possible but you shouldn’t forget that green coffee can prevents sleep if it’s taking with exaggeration.

Some cases when taking Green coffee is prohibited

Green coffee contraindications are not numerous, but in some situations, it’s better to avoid its consumption:

  • Pregnant women should not take Green Coffee because of their specific energy needs and the possibility of deficiencies.
  • Green coffee consumption can also worsen the symptoms of people with hypertension.
  • Because of its effects on the liver, people with diabetes should not take Green Coffee either.
  • Finally, this product is not recommended for minors under 18 years.

The Aim of writing this article is not to promote this product which wasn’t largely unknown before 2012. But a small addition to add a spotlight on it, especially because it becomes famous as a weight-loss supplement after being featured on “The Dr. Oz Show”.

And even, when there haven’t been a lot of studies on chlorogenic acids and their proven effects as a weight loss supplement, green coffee continues to be commercialized all over the world. And people are making good reviews.

Could it be only a placebo effect or it’s a real thing that will help you lose weight?

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