Habits to Get up Early Without Feeling Tired

The general perception that we know so far is that we have to rest for between six to eight hours every night. However, according to experts, sleep quality is more important than quantity. The thing to remember when doing a healthy routine in the morning is the goal, which is to build self-confidence and a positive attitude. This can encourage you to be able to complete your job better.

Also, the optimal amount of sleep will vary for each individual, with an average length of time between five and nine hours. No matter how long you sleep, make sure it’s restful and calm, and wake up in the morning without feeling tired.

Here are habits you can take to wake up without feeling tired.

Prepare your morning

Before going to bed, always try to prepare your morning activities, such as clothes, breakfast menu plans, and what items you will bring the next morning to school or work. Apart from helping you save yourself in the morning time, you will also take your mind off the hard things before you are ready to have sweet dreams.

Avoid consuming coffee, red wine, and chocolate before bed

If you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, don’t let anything disturb your digestive system. One that scientifically causes the digestive system to be disturbed is coffee, red wine, or milk chocolate.

Avoid consuming this product after lunch. But if you want to, at least you don’t eat it after six in the afternoon. It turns out that the bladder fills itself slowly because after all the kidneys keep working all night while you are sleeping. This means that the bladder will be full when you wake up in the morning. So you don’t get a fresh taste, you just have to rush to the toilet. Make sure your room is laid out comfortably

Get up early

Getting up early gives you plenty of time to start your morning routine to stay productive throughout the day. However, you don’t have to get up too early or even before sunrise.

Wake-up schedules can be adjusted according to the time to go to work. At the very least, give yourself enough pauses so you don’t rush into it. Try getting up at the same time each day to help create a more regular sleep rhythm or pattern.

Look for the sunlight

Sunlight helps to avoid that lightheaded feeling you get when you wake up in the morning. Make sure you have a light source close at hand and stand by the window for a few minutes.

Relax for a moment to clear your mind

After waking up, you should avoid engaging in strenuous activities that expend a lot of energy. This includes activities that make the brain immediately work hard, such as checking social media, replying to emails, or reading news.

To start your day on a more positive note, you need to relax your body first. Meditation activities are very good to do to clear the mind and gather calmness. It doesn’t take hours, just do it for 10 minutes in your morning routine so you can be more productive throughout the day without the feeling of tiredness.

Drink water

Drinking water in the morning is essential for rehydrating the body. You’ve probably gotten into the habit of having coffee as soon as you wake up. But you’re actually making a mistake: hydration helps you find that extra push to get out of bed.

Body movement with a little exercise

Exercising in the morning can increase the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain, making it easier for you to focus and control stress. Good sports to do in the morning are jogging, cycling, or walking for 30 minutes.

However, if you don’t have much time, you can do a combination of stretching, short warm-ups, rope jumping, or 7 minutes of yoga indoors.


Don’t underestimate breakfast, because your brain that is just resting doesn’t have enough blood sugar. If you do this, you will become sluggish and feel dizzy.

A healthy breakfast consists of a combination of protein with slow-burning carbohydrates such as a banana with peanut butter or yogurt with granola. This menu is very good for consumption in the morning to increase blood sugar until lunchtime arrives.

Final words

Investing in the quality of sleep is very important: we always advise you to take care of this aspect and not to neglect your rest, because your productivity and your concentration could be affected. We have said everything about how to wake up without feeling tired: we are sure that, thanks to our advice, you will be able to review your habits and reach new goals.

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