Home Investments to Make for This Summer

As a homeowner, it’s important to know the best and most valuable home improvements to make. In 2022, 55% of homeowners, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, plan to start or continue home renovation projects. This shows that you’ll be in great company when you do, and here are some of the ones you can make to get great returns.

Add a Swimming Pool

If you don’t have a swimming pool, you could consider getting one for your home. It will make summer parties and relaxing evenings amazing. In the United States, 36% of children aged seven to 17 years and 15% of adults go swimming at least six times a year. This shows that people generally love to swim, and having a pool at your home will make it possible for you to enjoy it even more. Find out the cost of adding one, and if you can afford it, get to work building it. Ensure to work with professional pool contractors and find out the right maintenance to do on a swimming pool to get the most out of it.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

In summer, there’s no doubt that many people will love spending as much time as possible outdoors. If you can cook outdoors as well, it will add to the fun you have in summer. It will also help you keep your home cooler and therefore lower your cooling energy bills. Depending on the magnitude and scale you want of your outdoor kitchen, you can either involve a contractor or do it yourself. You will do well if you can start with a proper plan and a solid budget so that you don’t have to stop working now and then to source extra funds or change your design.

Add a Deck

A deck is another good investment to make for your home this summer if you don’t currently have one. This is because it increases the livable space that you have in your home and can therefore increase the value of your home easily. You can place some furniture on it as well and enjoy spending time outdoors whenever the weather is great, or you simply want to relax outside your home. There are different designs and materials that you can choose from to get something you want and that works perfectly for your home.

Start a Garden

A basic garden outside your home could get you started on a hobby that you never knew you could enjoy. It will also give you the chance to grow some fresh food right at home and cut down on your grocery bills. You don’t have to make it too complex, but you can start simply and improve it as you go. You could also grow decorative plants and flowers and be able to gift those close to you with plants from your own garden. This will be cost-effective since a simple plant can be sold for about $29.95, while a decent floral arrangement ranges between $50 and $80. Standing sprays could cost upwards of $100 while large casket sprays usually range from $200 and up. The price generally depends on the complexity and size of the arrangement.

Install Lighting Outdoors

Finally, you could add some lights to your home’s landscape. This will give you the benefit of making your outdoors enjoyable even at night. It could also improve your home’s security, as a well-lit home may not be the first target of a burglar. If you do install lighting, think of using light-emitting diode lights, which will be cost-effective for the long term and will also be great for the environment.

These home investments can help you improve your home’s value and make it more convenient to live in for you and your family. You could even work on more than one of them if you can plan accordingly, and you may enjoy it a lot over time.

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