How Long Can You Expect Your Stuff to Last?

The lifespan of your belongings depends on a variety of factors. Some things last for many years, while others only last for a few months. Things like how much you use them, how careful you are, and what kind of materials they’re made from. Let’s explore some of the common things of a home and how long they should last.


According to research, comforters and bedspreads can last up to approximately six years. You can expect furniture to last for up to 15 years, depending on if you take care of it. The furniture’s lifespan and its accompaniments would also depend on the materials. For instance, original leather can last up to 20 years, while other light fabrics can only last up to ten years. Beddings are bound to last a shorter period because they experience constant friction. When it comes to wooden kitchen furniture, you can expect it to last more than 20 years, depending on how you care for them.

Windows And Doors

Windows and doors last a long time, especially if they are well-made. The lifespan of a window or door will depend. Metallic windows and doors have the longest lifespan because the material is resistant to rot and insects. Wooden windows aren’t rot-resistant or insect-resistant and might need a replacement after a few years. According to research, the average life of your garage door is approximately nine years. After this period, a replacement is inevitable to facilitate efficient energy use. Damaged garage doors allow warm heat out of the house, increasing your heating energy bills. When installing windows or doors, inquire about their lifespan and how to care for them. When well-cared for, the doors and windows would serve you for years.


Cosmetics don’t last long; their shelf life is measured in months. Products like nail polish, lipstick, lotion, and other creams are best bought in small jars. These products allow you to use them for longer because you don’t need to worry about when they will expire. Cosmetics bought in large containers might only last for a few months, depending on how often you use them. These products have an expiration date written on the package, so you can determine how long you will use the product. If the item has a short expiry date, buy it in small quantities to avoid wastage. Products for daily use would last for a few months more than those you use occasionally.


You can expect appliances to last for up to 15 years. Appliances like gas and electric stove, microwave oven, and refrigerators have the longest lifespan. Other appliances might only last one to two years because they are more prone to damage. Appliances could easily get damaged from falls, broken hinges, and malfunctioning parts. They are also prone to wear and tear by objects inside the sink while washing them. Regular maintenance and repairs prolong your appliance’s lifespan. According to research, tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. The quality of an appliance might also vary depending on the manufacturer. The bottom line is that your appliances will serve you for years before getting damaged.

Bathroom Items

Toilet bowls are prone to damage if you crack the porcelain, but you can extend their lifespan by taking care of it. Appliances like faucets and fixtures have a good lifespan with frequent maintenance and repairs. Replace a toothbrush after every three months to avoid infections. The lifespan of bath towels depends on how frequently you use and wash them. Quality bath towels can last up to five years. Bath rugs get used a lot and need replacement every year.

The lifespan of your belongings depends on how careful you’re with them. A lot of the items discussed above can last for decades. Depending on the quality, some things might last for a shorter duration while others will have a longer life. Regularly cleaning your belongings and taking care of them prolongs their life expectancy and saves you money. Frequent repairs would also prolong their lifespans.

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