How to Know If Your Procrastinating Is Actually Anxiety


There is no doubt procrastinating brings you anxiety and depression. Here, some of the important things have to be determined if you are responsible for the procrastinating or some other factors play their role sometimes. Also, it is necessary to know how to manage procrastination to avoid anxiety.

Personal Habits

Many of the problems in your life are caused by yourself, by virtue of your personal habits. You have developed the habit not to take the things seriously. In other words, you are not focused. You don’t plan the things and events properly, and they get delayed, and you fall prey to anxiety or depression. You can take the matter of getting married, for instance. You reach an age where you need a life partner to bring about convenience to your life. You certainly know that you are growing old day by day, but you never sit down to make your final decision on how to plan up for selecting a better life partner and how to make further arrangements. Your own habits of delaying things cause anxiety. Whenever you think of your delayed marriage, you suffer anxiety. You are not focused, indeed. If you become focused, you can forcefully avoid the anxiety

Turn to be decisive

Again most of the problems in your life occur by virtue of your own indecisive behavior. You don’t take action on time; by virtue of delay, anxiety overcomes you. Turning to be decisive is another solution to avoid procrastination, which is the major reason for your anxiety. Start evaluating the things and opportunities before you let them enter your life. You are a human being with limited power to handle a few of the matter at a time. You have no divine right over everything. When you stick to too many things, and you cannot make a solid decision about them, procrastination occurs naturally, and the anxiety occurs to you as a result. You need to learn how to become decisive. Select the best possible options in your life and take solid and quick decisions to bring them about. The power to make the right decision at the right time always protects you from falling prey to anxiety. No matter, the decision you have taken proves to be a failure after some time, it happens to all. Some other factors also cause your failure. However, your decisiveness keeps you satisfied, and you remain secured from procrastination. Also, you are secured from anxiety. 

Some other factor of Procrastination 

You are not the only human being on the planet earth. Nor do all the affairs of life revolve around you, nor do everybody follow the schedule of your life. Some of the other factors cause procrastination in your life, and you fall prey to anxiety.

Your Business Order is delayed

If you are a businessman, you may have suffered anxiety due to procrastination in the delivery of an order you have placed. You place an order and the factory delays in providing you with the manufactured products on time. You suffer great anxiety due to the customers’ demand. As soon as you listen to the call of a client of a customer, the level of your anxiety gets raised. The delay on the part of the factory is the cause of your anxiety. You are helpless in such a situation. The factory may lack raw material due to government policies. A domino effect trickles down from top to bottom. Everybody suffers from anxiety owing to such kind of delay. You need to know how to manage the procrastination of such kind to avoid anxiety. 

Your Result is delayed

You may have made a great plan to join a new college or university after your result is declared. Your result gets delayed. On the other end, the university where you plan to take admission to announces the last date for admission. You don’t want to waste the opportunity of getting admitted to the great university of your choice. You certainly suffer from anxiety by virtue of procrastination. 

How to manage anxiety occurring by virtue of procrastination

First of all, you need to review your habits. Try to change your habit that lets your plans get delayed, and you suffer from anxiety. Secondly, you need to be focused on it. Don’t try to take too many tasks to accomplish if you cannot manage them. Thirdly, you need to do business with those who have a good market reputation. The ill-disciplined persons disturb everybody. Don’t stick with one option in your life. If you fail, what will you do? Have a plan B and Plan C to manage the procrastination occurring by virtue of others’ actions. 


Certainly, procrastination causes great anxiety. Sometimes you are directly responsible for the delay; sometimes, you suffer by virtue of others’ delay. Learn how to manage with the procrastination with additional options of plan B and plan C.  

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