How to Plan a Trip For Work? Like a Pro

To make any trip, it is necessary to carry out prior planning of different aspects of it. So that everything goes as we want. In this way, we avoid possible setbacks and optimize the time and money allocated to the trip for work. This planning must be even more exhaustive if we are going to undertake a business trip. In this case, we must be much more careful with the organization of the trip, since not only is our time and money at stake. But also that of the company itself and that of our partners.

Therefore, today we will see a series of factors to which we must pay special attention when preparing our trip for work like a pro.

The documentation

It is common for business trips to be prepared shortly in advance, in the face of a business opportunity that arises at a given moment, an unforeseen event, etc. Therefore, if we usually travel to work with relative frequency. It is very important to have our personal identification documents in order: passport and ID since their processing usually takes a few days. We must also inform ourselves if the country of destination requires some type of visa to enter. In this case, we must process it at the corresponding embassy or administration. There are also specialized visa processing companies that can be useful if we are going to visit a country that requires particularly complex procedures.

Depending on the destination, we may have to present a vaccination certificate. And if we foresee that we are going to need to drive, we must check the compatibility of our driving license with the country we are visiting. In case of incompatibility, we must process the issuance of an international driving license.

Pack your baggage like Pro

It’s time to pack. Although you should pack your bags according to your destination, keep in mind that you do not have to pack everything. Especially on long trips where you have to carry your luggage or backpack for several months. So choose your travel equipment carefully.

Know the destination of our trip

To avoid setbacks, we must know some basic information about the country or city to visit: weather, time zone, customs, gastronomy, schedules, etc. All this will be of great use to us when planning our agenda, reserving the means of transport that we are going to use. Or adapting our clothing to the place in question. Also, knowing some information about the local culture is always useful to interact with our hosts. Knowing the protocol of business in the country, how to greet, say thanks, and other formulas to show cordiality, respect, and education. For example, if you are traveling to Florida, click here to read some interesting articles with tips for people who are moving to it and get inspired, even if you are just going on a trip, this kind of article may be very helpful. It will be a good idea to wear Gone Country Hats if you are going to a western area.

Book your flight ticket

After registering for a credit card and receiving the sign-up bonus, use your miles (the distance you need to book a discounted ticket) to book your flight. Be sure to make your reservation two months in advance to get the flight you want. To find the cheapest tickets you can visit, Skyscanner, Kiwi, and AirTreks.

Book a hotel

When you plan a trip, the length of your stay in the destination city is known and you can book your hotel based on it. But if you have a long trip, book the hotel for the first few days. So do not miss the opportunity to get the best options. To find the best hotel price you can use the sites Hostelworld (most hostel and hotel options and of course cheap), Agoda (best options for traveling to Asia), (best platform to find affordable hotels and inns).

Plan our agenda

When we plan our agenda, we must take into account the local times of the destination. As well as the time it will take us to move from one place to another once we are there. If we are going to make long-duration flights. We must bear in mind the effect of jet lag, and give ourselves some recovery time before planning the first work meeting. On my last trip to buy the best robotic total station, I got very tired and couldn’t continue just because I wasn’t prepared for a long trip road.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to leave moments of rest during which we can relax and momentarily escape from work since a too-tight schedule will not favor our good work performance. In this sense, taking advantage of the downtime that we have in activities. Such as reading, watching a movie, or listening to music, will help us to disconnect and eliminate stress.

Transportation at destination

Once we land in the place where we are going to carry out the work, we will have to face constant displacements: from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the meeting places; to restaurants, etc. We must know in advance the transport options offered by the destination: subway, taxis, car rental, etc., and choose the one that best suits our needs and our budget.

Charge the batteries

Literally. We must make sure that all the electronic devices that we are going to use during our trip have the batteries fully charged:  laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. We can also carry extra batteries if necessary, or autonomous recharging devices (power banks). We must also remember to bring the current chargers that we need for each of the devices. As well as specific adapters or current transformers to be able to use them at the destination. If we want to have calls and data on our phones during the trip, we will have to consult the roaming policy from our company to the destination country or hire a specific plan for the trip.

Go on a business trip and have fun! However, you have planned a lot for this trip and now it is time to make the most of what you can. If you are a little nervous, there is no need to worry because this is perfectly normal. However, you are about to start an exciting adventure and this can affect everyone’s nerves. Believe in your plan and execute it to have the best traveling for work like a Pro.

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