How to Support Your Partner When He or She is struggling with Depression


While living in the same room with your partner, you cannot stay unaffected if your partner is struggling with depression. Your life will certainly get affected in one way or another. The cause of depression can be different among different people. Someone may suffer from depression by virtue of financial loss or due to the sudden death of someone very dear to him/her. Whatever the cause of depression existing in the life of your partner, you are supposed to stand by him/her to restore the depressed person to a normal life.

Don’t Leave Your Partner alone

Of course in the state of depression, your partner loses taking interest in the normal affairs of life. Your partner also loses interest in your liking and disliking. It is the time when the couple parts from each other to the extent that breakup happens at the end. The depressed person will surely react in an awkward way however the person in a normal condition is supposed to accept the situation as a challenge and try to restore the confidence of the depressed partner. Your depressed partner needs your support very much. You are the only person who can bring her/him to a normal way of living. It is also in your better interest to restore the chaotic situation of your home to a normal and joyful situation. Not only you but also your children will be the great beneficiaries of the peaceful environment of the house.

What are the matters that part you from your partner?

Having decided to live with each other forever, a couple cannot avoid each other with the plea that each of the two is very busy in life. If one of the two does so; eventually, the breakup occurs. You need to stay in touch with your partner and have regular sex. It is the natural opportunity for the couple to share their joys and sorrows while getting much closer to each other. The too busy routine of each of the couple certainly parts one from the other. It is, therefore, necessary for both to spare more and more time to share each other’s grieves and joys.

What are the common symptoms when you feel your partner is depressed?

While living with a person for long you better understand his/her habits. The slightest change in the behavior of your partner realizes you of something wrong going on inside your partner. Waking up at midnight, moving about aimlessly, staying speechless, looking being absent-minded are some of the symptoms when you feel your partner is getting thorough a great inner transformation or is frustrated or depressed. The depressed person often loses confidence in his partner. He/she tries to hide the actual reason of his/her being depressed. However, when the actual reason for her/his being depressed is shared with you on the part of your partner it means the confidence of the depressed partner is getting restored in you. It is a good gesture.

Don’t Force your depressed partner to change his/her behavior

While your partner is in a state of depression, he/she needs your support. If you try to force the partner to change the behavior or you force the partner to go with you to a therapist without his/her consent; the depressed person will lose confidence in you. Resultantly, you will lose your partner’s love and favor forever. The partner will feel all alone and your life will also remain entangled into a difficult situation. You need to realize the situation; putting aside your undue ego, you must take your partner in confidence for better treatment. It will take some time. You may feel frustrated. But don’t lose hope and carry on until you get the consent of your partner. 

Get united to rid of depression

You are lucky that despite in a state of depression your partner trusts you and shares his/her secrets with you. You are a great strength to restore his/her confidence. Sometimes it so happens that the situation has slipped from your hand. Both you and your partner can seek the help of a psychologist. You are supposed to take your partner to a competent psychologist or therapist. A therapist will surely restore your partner’s confidence. Your role in this situation is very crucial. Without your support, your partner remains all alone. You are not just supporting your partner; you are bringing peace and calm to your life indeed.


You cannot bring peace and calm to your life until you rid of the depression from your partner’s life. You are a great strength to your partner for the restoration of his/her normal life. You are the only person at your home that can be much influential to your partner by behaving nicely, softly and politely. This is how you play a very positive role in restoring his/her confidence in life.

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