Ken Rosenthal calls out Los Angeles born Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen to keep his Citi Field promise

Pic1 - Ken Rosenthal calls out Los Angeles born Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen to keep his Citi Field promise

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen might be a couple of months old on the job as the General Manager of New York Mets, but as the Los Angeles man will come to know, there is a different heat that comes with being the GM of one of the most coveted teams in sports. Barely a few months in, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen has been called out on his office season promises most especially in regards to attracting the big names.

The fans are all itching to see their team get a little shake-up, after all, it was what was promised by Van Wagenen on his one of his press conferences in Citi Field. As Ken Rosenthal recently pointed out, the Mets have every reason to be after big shots like Manny Machado, and Bryce Harper, who are both free agents, an opinion every New York Mets fan share.

Great Players With Superstar Stardom

If you can recall, one of GM Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen pledge, was to go after every free agent, as long as they fit the team’s roaster, and by all indication, Machado and Harper meet the requirements of being free agents, and great players with superstar stardom.

But Ken Rosenthal understands, that although fans should be clamoring for a few changes here and there, everyone should give Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen an opportunity to get his act together, as he is still new to the job. Rosenthal notes that Mets are being cautious, and have every right to do so after some hasty decisions led to some bad experiences in the past for the Mets’ group and the team as a whole. But then again, the team doesn’t spend in accordance with its market size, something Van Wagenen was brought in to change.

A good way for Van Wagenen to win the fans, and show he means well for the team will be to start delivering on his promises, and a good to start will be by making one of the biggest free-agent splashes in the history of the sport and getting Machado and Harper.

Ken Rosenthal notes, “moves of such sizes will require a bit of character, and experience, both of which Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen, brings to the table,” adding that “this is an opportunity that is looking at the Mets right in the eye, and they should, by all means, grab it with both hands. If now is not the time to become relevant again, I wonder when will that time come?”

Granted, to achieve the relevant results, and bring in a couple of new faces, maybe the team might just need to a couple of shake-ups, and who better to do the job than the man from Los Angeles, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen.

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