Let’s Talk About Common Mistakes in Relationships

Common Mistakes in Relationships

The healthy bond that makes us happy and above all that it grows supported by a foundation of security and trust is not easy at all. One of the reasons that prevent it is the appearance of certain frequent mistakes in relationships.

Dealing with day-to-day difficulties and complications requires patience and understanding along with the predisposition of wanting to solve them together. For this, it is important to learn to identify which of these errors are occurring and thus provide a solution.

It is normal for relationships to go through difficult times, but overcoming them (whenever and wherever possible) contributes to growth. Here we will tell you what some of those frequent mistakes in relationships are so that you learn to detect them.

Hide weaknesses

There is no possibility that the relationship will grow if it is not part of a basis of sincerity. Sometimes, we mistakenly think that others will only be able to love us if they perceive us as someone perfect. But it is not true. Authentic love is born when we show ourselves as we are. How else can they get to know us? Hiding under another identity or other traits will bring complications and frustrations in the long run.

Furthermore, what this attitude mask is a profound lack of self-love. Someone who tries to fake himself is showing that he feels unlovable because he believes that the only way to arouse affection is by being someone else and not himself.

Ignoring problems

It’s understandable if you don’t want to make things worse by bringing up problems when things are going well or perhaps avoiding difficult conversations when your relationship is on the line. In fact, unresolved problems tend to get worse over time.

Of course, timing is everything when you raise a problem, but don’t use this as an excuse to avoid talking about problems. There’s never the right time to have a difficult conversation, it’s better to tackle the problem head-on so you can start fixing it.

Difficult to talk to him

Most find it difficult to talk heart to heart with their partners. When someone cannot express what is in his heart, a woman feels unloved and abandoned, while a man feels incomprehensible. In fact, when spoken to in the right way, men can talk at length. Unfortunately, few women realize that even men can be vulnerable.

For them to talk, certain things are needed. So, the woman needs to find out what certain things make the man want to talk, the comfortable surroundings, or you are the first to open up or others. Different people, different ways.

Trying to change partners

So many couples fall into this problem. Think, if the lover really loves him then when asked to change, he will definitely want to. To you, the annoying thing he does may seem small, but to him, it may be a big habit.

If you try to change your partner, they will feel like you don’t really love them. In his mind, you are just trying to turn him into the person you want him to be.

Abandon you

When your partner fell in love with you, he fell in love not only with your interior, but also with your concerns, tastes, hobbies, personality, way of being, and, why not say it, physical. When you settle into a relationship and stop doing a lot of the things you did before just because you are now mated.

There is a much higher chance that the couple will start to fracture because you stop being yourself a little bit. Never abandon what really makes you happy or stop taking care of yourself: if you enchant yourself, you will inevitably attract others. You know what they say: to love others, the first step is to love yourself.

Hide important secrets

Each member of the couple has private affairs, no matter how much trust and intimacy there is between the two. That is healthy. It reveals that individuality has been preserved. However, some issues concern both of them and that is why they should not be hidden.

If this is done, there is likely something more serious in the background as it is an attempted manipulation and a breakdown of trust or an indication of a serious communication problem.

And above all, stay true to yourself

Successful relationships are made up of two individuals who are the best they can be. Subduing any part of you is the biggest mistake of all.


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