Living on the Other Side of the Bay

pik1 - Living on the Other Side of the Bay

The San Francisco Bay Area is known for being one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. San Francisco’s close proximity to Silicon Valley, a region in the Bay Area that is considered to be a global center for technology, is one factor that can be linked to San Francisco’s skyrocketing cost of living, as well as more competitive jobs and salaries. Choosing to live on the other side of the Bay, however, can present a more affordable cost of living compared to other parts of the area. Oakland, California is known for being one of the most affordable places to live in the Bay Area, and more and more people are making the move there. If you’re looking at Oakland houses for sale, here are a few things to know before making the move.


The Convenience Factor 

One of the biggest perks of living in Oakland is having easy access to San Francisco without the expensive cost of living there! Aside from being able to see San Francisco from across the Bay, the commute between both cities is roughly twenty minutes or so, depending on traffic. This is great news for people who work or go to school in San Francisco but can’t afford or simply don’t want to live there, as you will still be able to reap the benefits of living so close to a major U.S. city without actually having to live there. This can also be beneficial for anyone attending concerts or sporting events in San Francisco, as hotel prices can be expensive, so being able to quickly commute back home can end up saving you a lot of money

Fun Things to Do 

Oakland is a city that truly has something for everyone, regardless of age or personal interest. If taking tours is your thing, there are tons of interesting and informative tours that take place in both Oakland and San Francisco to suit everyone’s tastes. The Oakland Meets San Francisco Food Tour is one of the more popular tours in the city, taking guests on a delicious tour of both cities and allowing you to try food from a variety of places and restaurants. Oakland is also home to tons of cool bars, restaurants, shops, and cafes, meaning there is never a shortage of fun places to grab food or a quick drink in the city.

Outdoor Adventure 

If nature is more your thing, there are tons of opportunities for outdoor adventure in Oakland. Angel Island, one of the city’s most visited places, continues to attract tons of tourists each year due to its breathtaking 360-degree views of the city. Other highly-visited areas include Tilden Regional Park, Lake Merritt, and Redwood Regional Park. If you’re a nature-lover, you will never find yourself bored in Oakland.

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