Longevity and Happiness: How To Take It easily?

Longevity and Happiness

It is important to note that you are not granted eternal life. You stay on this planet called Earth is short-termed. You have to leave this world after completing your life span. What happens to you thereafter you; no one knows exactly. Only your body will be decomposed underground, the science has proved it. So living as a social animal in a society you need to know about your position and importance. You have to maintain your good health by involving yourself in healthy activities. View the world from a different perspective from now onward.

1-Be Frank to all

You need to be frank to all. Many of the people confine themselves to their status circle becoming proud of their wealth, education or other technical qualities. Your bad attitude takes you away from the people. The people establish a bad impression of your personality in their minds. If you meet people in a friendly way, they start making a good opinion about your personality. Behaving frankly with the people, you behave nicely with yourself. A person gets all alone when he/she is left alone by his friends, relatives, and the community. Stay simple and frank with others but keep your tongue under control either.

2-Avoid Confusion

Confused people have to become a hypocrite. To live a relaxed life without any confusion, you need to be clear about your ideas, beliefs, and principles. No person can live peacefully without setting some basic principles in his/her life to follow. You need to take a clear stance about issues. This not only uplifts your dignity but also you stay relaxed for doing nothing wrong to any person in your locality. Confused persons always become a threat to others. You cannot say with certainty whether you should depend on them at the time of need or not. A similar approach is adopted by the people about you if you are a confused person.

3-Avoid Becoming Greedy

All that you earn is not yours; keep in mind. You have many other dependents that deserve your financial support. Your greed always takes you away from others. The greed of money and status are the major causes of mental illness the studies have proved. To live a long life without any disease or health issue you need to be generous. Spend money on those you need your help.

4- Be focused

Living a simple life does not mean that you should not be focused on it. To achieve your certain goals for your betterment, for the betterment of your family members or the betterment of your community, you need to remain focused. The focused people achieve their goals without any confusion. On the other hand, the people who are not focused fail in their missions and they fall victim to regrets. The regrets shorten your life. You fall victim to many diseases when you continue to regret your past behavior, activities or wrongdoings.

5-Be Generous

Generosity is a great virtue. It is not just a myth. You can read through the history, the generous people have led a peaceful life. When you start spending on others, the people start giving your true respect that is the great demand of every human being. The generous people are loved by the people from the depth of their hearts. You know you need simple food to eat, the rest of the amount can provide food to many other destitute and needy persons. Similarly, your extra clothes can cover the body of many needy persons who cannot afford a nice dress. The generosity provides you with good health and you live a long and peaceful life when you don’t have the greed of the things in your heart.

7-Avoid Competing with others

The desire for competing with others keeps you mentally disturbed all the time. You want to supersede others to prove your worth. You continue to think of different conspiracies to let down others. In the quest of letting down others, you spoil your health. With broken health, you are good for nothing. If you live a longer life with a prolonged disease, it is not a blessing but a curse indeed.

8-Stop Regretting

The regrets of the past destroy your life. Stop regretting past deeds. You cannot wind the clock back. You will fall sick if you continue to think over the past mistake. Yes, you can avoid such a mistake in the present as well as in the future. The studies have proved that people have developed the habit of regretting the things and actions that remain mentally disturbed. They feel no joy in any affairs of life. They become a symbol of sorrow or despair. If you want to live a peaceful life you need to be simple and friendly.   

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