Men’s Fashion Blazers Are Always in Fashion

The blazer is one of the requirements of any men’s wardrobe that can be easily set with a variety of casual and formal styles and is a classic option that will probably never go out of fashion. If you think that blazer does not suit you, you probably have not found the right model for you yet. Whatever your body type and size, make sure you have the right blazer. Many people confuse blazer jackets with sweaters, formal jackets, and sports jackets. But after reading this post, you can distinguish the blazer coat from other types of coats and become a professional in styling it in different situations.

As we have just seen, the concept of a men’s fashion blazers is broad, dynamic, and widely interpretable. In fact, few canons characterize this item of clothing “by definition”, as it has been able to evolve through various historical eras to establish itself today as one of the derivatives of the most avant-garde jacket in the fashion world. Among the most sought-after kinds of blazers, the blue one stands out in particular. You can ask her lovers if she is still in fashion after all this time, and they will have no doubts in replying with a piquant: The Men’s blazer is always in fashion.

How to wear a blazer?

The blazer is like a kind of partner, it combines with absolutely everything, whether with pants, shorts or with a dress. Depending on each pattern and colors that is being used in most of the looks, the blazers are the protagonists since it is the first impression due to its large size. Not all blazers have the same cuts. The oversize is the most used and the one most seen in stores. They usually go up to the thighs. Colors can vary, and also, fans have the options to close it using the buttons. Something that in recent times is becoming very fashionable.

On the other hand, there are short blazers, at the height of the hips. It is not usual to see them anymore. The oversize took all the prominence this season and last. Although they are less visible, these also serve to make a look formal, as well as combine it with an informal one, which is super cool.

A novelty, which is not yet well known within the local market, is the cape-type blazer. It is a kind of vest, with a cloth over it that covers the entire back, and in some cases the arms. Most of the time they are uncovered, but it depends on the blazer, some may cover more and others less. It is a very good option to make a prudent outfit. When combining them, it is essential to take into account the colors. They cover most of our body and it is a garment that is very close to the face. We must always keep in mind what type of pigment our skin has, because, it depends on what you want to highlight, you have to keep this data in mind.

Preferred Blazers

Blazers: Dark blue or black ones are preferred. The quality of the blazer jacket shows the buttons. In classical models, the button should be of high-quality metal and gold colors. The coat of arms in the upper left pocket denotes the aristocratic style. A good jacket is one that fits well at the shoulders and is well sewn. The point stitching and inner pocket details on the inner lining of the blazer are also a sign of quality.

It looks beautiful and noble when combined with gray trousers. But in the season, denim trousers appear as indispensable for blazers. In addition to wool gabardine, silk-linen, silk wool, and flannel blends, there are also colored ones that should be washed in season and other than the colors we are used to. Pots, gray, lollipop reds, pomegranate flowers, powder tones, lemonade yellow, purple, and of course the main colors of the season make blazer jackets indispensable.

Vintage washed jackets will be the favorite of both women and men on hot days. Lining details in blazer jackets, which are easy to wear and express a youthful stance, are interesting. In the blazer collections, where every age group from 7 to 70 will find a unique design, combinations can be made freely.

The trend, which allows individual combinations in women’s clothing, also allows men to combine Bermuda’s and blazers. There are rigging, chains, and metal accessories on the lapels that come out. In all blazer jackets, from short sleeves to long sleeves, sleeve details, drapes, pleats, excessive buttons, emblem and embroidery images draw attention.

Final words

Fashion over the years continues to renew, Men’s blazers being part of it as well. In the past, it was “common” to see these garments in achromatic colors, only black and white – which are still used a lot -. When these were renewed, such as the neon trend, or checkered pattern, the blazers also did it and were incorporated into these trends. Today, you can see a lot of Men’s blazers variety, and these were not far behind.

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