Obesity: Everything We Know Is Wrong

Everything we know about obesity is wrong

Few Facts about Obesity

Everything we know about obesity is wrong. Similarly, we often choose a careless attitude, particularly to diseases. Several examples may become prove in this regard. For instance, Scurvy was the disease, caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C, became the cause of 2 million sailors. The panic death condition due to Scurvy was unable to describe. Medical experts did not waste an opportunity to repeat the same attitude.  

Some experts tried to use citrus fruits with no confidence to cure the disease. They also did not try to explore the condition.

Similarly, another example of a seat belt can fit in this regard. The careless attitude of our experts showed obviously because the seat belts were invented long after the invention of automobiles, but it did not become part of the automobile, particularly in America. Long afterward, the seat belts made necessary.

People Attitude Regarding Obesity

The obesity epidemic is another illustrated example of the careless attitude of our medical experts. We chose the path of extreme careless regarding this disease also.

For a long time, we continued to make the fat person responsible for his obesity. We also continued to humiliate them for a long time. To hear the response of the medical experts, instead of curing the disease, they are being wounded emotionally. Bullying a fat person is also a source of high tension.

Some medical experts suggest diets and heavy exercises prevent obesity from making you the victim. Actually, nutrition and workouts do not do act as we want. It revealed in research that people who try to lose weight by diets get more weight sometimes. One may find solid biological reasons behind that phenomenon.

Metabolism and Obesity

Metabolism is the process, which is responsible for providing the required energy to the body of the person. The study showed us in precise figures that losing only 3 percent of your body weight became the cause of 17 percent less metabolism. It signals your hunger hormones and decreases your body temperature. You again seem eager to get weight.  

According to a population-level study, fat people do not have enough cardiovascular health as compared to skinny people. However, again it proves wrong because of individual-level study. According to reliable studies, Fat people commonly have a sound metabolic system as compared to thin. Therefore, they have no complaints of high cholesterol, increasing blood pressure, and insulin resistance. Similarly, people who are often on a diet, they do not have a metabolic system strong enough. After conducting extensive researches and studies, we reach the solution that the country is not becoming a skinner but a beautiful, healthy nation.

Some medical experts have the idea that shaming the patient is a reasonable way to let him prepare against obesity. They often use this technique to cure the patient.

But, the actual problem is that shaming is not the perfect way to make the person mentally ready to leave bad habits. Shaming may themselves make of the view that these bad habits should not share with anyone.

The health system of a country matters a lot about how to handle the disease like obesity. In the developing countries, where the health system is not enough good, doctors and specialists have no training to engage with the patients to know their disease meaningfully. They rely on motivational lectures and conventional techniques to control obesity. It may or may not be the solution provided by the doctor regarding your disease.

That’s why one can easily say that all you know about obesity is wrong. This traumatic condition makes the higher-weight patients avoid going to doctors.

We, as ordinary people, also treat obese people with certain feelings in our minds. It should not happen like this. We should not give them pain due to their obesity, which is really a total disease. In other words, in fact, we push them forward in mental suffering.

Effects of Obesity

Fat people face discrimination over the workplace. It has proved by several reliable studies, research, and surveys. In America, discrimination against obese people is becoming a severe problem, so the government will have to tackle it in the near future. The discrimination puts reverse impacts on the habits of fat people, for example, tending to eat more and decreasing the will to go-to exercise.

Similarly, children are bullied in the schools by making fun of their fatness. It harms the overall productivity of the children. 

It gets worse when it makes a combination with other types of discrimination.

It is pertinent to mention that diet is the increasing cause of deaths in America compared to gun violence deaths. Death from diets is responsible for more than five times than gun violence.

It is the central failure of our health system that it cures every patient of obesity in the same way, for example, if you are overweight, keep your weight down, and if you are smart, keep up excellent work.” It means that most of the doctors are far away from understanding the real issues.

Therefore, one can easily say that everything we know about obesity is wrong because we are not taking the exact measures which should be taken for obesity. Similarly, we are using the same things that were being used by our forefathers. Resultantly, we need to research it properly for a reason beyond obesity rather than following outdated things to encourage obesity.

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