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Where to buy your furniture and supplies? Where can you find the best quality at an unbeatable price? What are the most suitable options for your business? How to choose the provider that meets the maximum number of criteria to save you time and money? Online catalog, paper catalog, immediate quotation, small quantity sales, competitive prices, fast delivery times… These are all considerations that very small businesses, liberal professions, law firms, health professionals, craftsmen, small and medium-sized businesses, business creators must take into account. The objective? To buy its material at the best quality/price ratio. You have all this at OFFICE AND CRAFTS.

Your furniture, a reflection of your dynamism

With OFFICE AND CRAFTS, the choice of your furniture will reflect the personality of your company. Design furniture, classic furniture will have a different impact on those who will come to visit you. OFFICE AND CRAFTS will help you choose the one that best suits your vision of your company’s atmosphere.

OFFICE AND CRAFTS thinks about the comfort of your teams

The well-being of your teams is essential to their performance. The equipment chosen is indicative of the attention and one could even say of the respect you give them. If the equipment deteriorates quickly, the difficulties in daily life will have an influence on the atmosphere and productivity of your employees. A stuck drawer can sometimes cause a wind of revolt!

Beware! Office equipment does not have the same use as the equipment you use at home. A desk used by several people deteriorates more easily. The material must therefore be adapted to the life of the company.

OFFICE AND CRAFTS helps you choose office supplies

Office supplies are for most companies a fairly small expense budget compared to other expenses. However, the time spent finding the right price and quality of a product is less so. Purchasing office supplies on the Internet has enabled companies to make their daily lives easier and, above all, to offer a wide range of products.

The advantages of buying online with OFFICE AND CRAFTS

  • A saving of time obviously because no more need to travel to find the right store at competitive rates. And above all to be delivered directly to your company.
  • To be able to quickly compare the prices and quality of the same product.
  • Better visibility and control of expenses
  • To be able to save old orders and in a few clicks recommend them.A large choice of products
  • Buy in small and large quantities

Criteria for selecting a good supplier

  • Delivery times
  • Delivery costs
  • The quality of the after-sales service: opening hours, the ease of having them by email or by phone
  • The quality of the products
  • The choice of the method of payment: credit card, paypal, check, bank transfer.
  • Financing: e.g. being able to pay 3x free of charge

The right office supplies supplier saves money

Choosing a good office supplies supplier saves you money and increases your efficiency. Before making a commitment, you should consider and weigh each of these factors: the wider the range of products offered, the more likely you are to place a large order and get a good price. Ideally, choose the one that also offers you office supplies as well as electronic accessories, furniture, furnishings and miscellaneous accessories. As you’ve probably noticed, most office supply suppliers sell the same products under a different brand name, making it easy for you to compare prices. At OFFICE AND CRAFTS we have the best brand name products at very competitive prices.

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