Origin, Benefets And Scents Of Bokhour Oriental Incense

Do you know the oriental incense Bokhour? It is a natural oriental incense, composed of essential oil of wood. This oil is extracted from a resinous wood. More precisely, the bakhour or Bokhour (the Arabic name) is mainly given to a mixture of natural ingredients such as sandalwood, Agar, natural oil, all from the natural Arabic environment.

Most of the time, they are wood shavings (Oud, Agarwood) soaked in fragrant essential oils and accompanied by other ingredients such as resin, Musk, some floral oils, and others. Today, these small scented wood shavings have become the most popular room fragrances in the largest hotels and chichas bars. They are very much used for the manufacture of candles, air fresheners, and as the incense of course. Let’s see together, the origins and applications of this oriental oud incense in our society since its discovery by men.

Origin of Bokhour

Bokhour comes from the oud, a resin, itself produced by two or three varieties of tropical trees such as Aquilaria of the Thymeleaceae family. Unfortunately, these trees in the forests of Southeast Asia have almost all been decimated. Only one tree in a hundred produces this exceptional resin (one of the most expensive in the world) when it is affected by fungi. A true defense mechanism, this resin lodges itself directly in the middle of the tree trunk. After being extracted, it is then distilled to obtain a thick, dark brown oil.

Imagine that it takes almost 70 kg of wood to produce only 20 ml of pure oud! Bokhour has been present for many years in the heart of humanity. It is found in the oldest texts such as the Bible, but also in Buddhism or other religions such as the Muslim religion. Originally, the Arab tribes of the Middle East used Agarwood chips to get rid of insects, but also to drive away evil spirits by scenting the air around them. In Buddhism, it was burned to promote the state of meditation.

Moreover, this oriental incense Bokhour, was frequently used in the Arab houses to bring a unique and alleviating atmosphere. It is later, in the ninth century, that it will be used as one of the main ingredients of perfumery. This perfume is worn by both women and men.

Benefits of this natural oriental incense

Bokhour, this natural incense provides many benefits in our daily life. It has been used for spiritual, medicinal, and aesthetic purposes for many centuries. Nowadays, stress and fatigue are an integral part of our lives and Bokhour oriental incense brings a pleasant and Zen atmosphere to our interior. Its different scents will calm the atmosphere around you.

As stated above, this natural oriental incense is ideal to scare away mosquitoes and other flying insects. It also has antibacterial properties, and many infections can be effectively treated with the resin powder.

Still, others use it as a remedy against insomnia. Simply burn incense before going to sleep and its effects will be felt fairly quickly. One will rather turn to perfumes containing cinnamon or lavender for their calming effects.

The scents of the oriental incense Bokhour

There are 3 types of incense that define the different scents of the oriental incense of Bokhour: herbal incense, wood incense, and resinous incense. According to your choice, you can perceive woody aromas, sweet notes, scents like amber, saffron, floral scents, musk, but also top notes like geranium, lemon, bergamot, etc…

Finally, you can find other scents such as cedarwood, ginger, patchouli, agarwood, vanilla, etc… As you can see, Bokhour oriental incense is really an exceptional product. With its unusual origins and manufacturing, Bokhour should be part of your everyday life. Try it, you will not be disappointed! Besides, if you are looking for an online store that offers oriental incense, do not hesitate to visit our site

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