Signs a Man Needs to go to Therapy

Signs a Man Needs to go to Therapy

For years the belief that men are so brave that they can deal with their problems without turning to someone else, since childhood they are taught that they should not cry or much fewer show weaknesses.

But they are also human beings who struggle with conflicts every day, both at work and in their relationships, so men go to therapies where specialists guide them to get ahead.


Here we share some of the disorders most frequent for which men go to therapies and some opinions of the experts:

Cannot Control Emotions

When our emotions begin to become unstable, this can be a sign that we need help from a psychologist. The first example, if there are things that make us emotional, such as feeling irritable, sad constantly, or frustrated. Emotions or feelings that are out of control and often change can be a signal that there is mental health that must be overcome. 

Moreover, if the unstable emotions are accompanied by portions of food or hours of sleep that are less than usual. The signs of a problem that you are experiencing are very disturbing. 


One of the problems that occurs most in relationships is those that have to do with violence, and that is one of the reasons why, either voluntarily or by order of a judge, they attend a psychologist.

According to researchers, aggressive behaviour is a male attribute, since due to the lower concentration of serotonin in the amygdala they tend to be more violent.

Start of Focus

If these disturbing thoughts make it difficult to concentrate, stresses, and overthink negative things, try consulting a psychologist. If this happens, chances are you will no longer enjoy your work or daily activities. Later, someone can withdraw from family, friends, and even feel uncomfortable around them.

During the consultation, a psychologist will help find the cause of the problem you are experiencing. A psychologist can also help you find steps to solve the problem healthily and appropriately.


It is usually less frequent than in women, but when they suffer it carries much more serious risks since it is associated with possible coronary heart disease, according to research by the Institute of Mental Health. Researchers say that when a man realizes that something is wrong, he understands and accepts the idea that depression is a disease that requires treatment. Since the suicide rate in men is four times higher than in women.

Look for an Unhealthy outlet

When you feel unwell, some people will look for an instant way to calm down their frustration. For example, starting to drink alcohol, entering the world of casual sex, smoking cigarettes, or even taking illegal drugs. 

This can become addictive and make your problem worse. If the stress or anxiety you feel starts to lead to this bad outlet, immediately contact a psychologist for a consultation!

Work stress

Thanks to the pace of work that we currently live in, many of them also carry out highly important positions within their companies. The level of stress is usually very serious and different from that which can be generated by other factors. The specialist mentions that between 30% and 40% of employees suffer from work stress, mainly men.

Experiencing shocking things

Grieving for a prolonged period of time, being harassed, experiencing violence, or even being fired from a job can be traumatic. This trauma must be overcome so that it does not cause repeated negative thoughts, fear, or even stress. 

To accept and make peace with reality, support, therapy, and assistance from psychologists are needed to overcome the trauma.

Last words

Women are not the only ones who turn to experts to solve their problems; Thanks to openness in social customs, now they do it too. Surely there are more reasons why men go to therapy, but time will give us that information.

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