Slowpokes: Why Your Brain Finds Difficulty To Love.

Why Your Brain Detests Slowpokes

It is weekend and you have a plan on doing your regular Saturday morning jogging. You have invited friends to join you and on reaching out to them to commence the fitness walk, you get delayed. They turn out to be slowpokes, and you want to leave them behind because there are other plans set to be carried out in the day. On leaving, you can perceive this disappointment in your mind and you want to know why your brain detests slowpokes.

Slowpokes are known by their slow movement and how long the amount of time it takes them to do something that would have been done within a very limited time. They do not mind if there are other places to visit or important stuff to execute, all they do is characterized by slow reactions.

Here are the reasons why your brain despises slowpokes:

1. Time wastage:

Dealing with a slowpoke is like aiming at the bottom instead of the top. You are trekking down a quite narrow foot pavement in your area. You have meetups to attain and different activities to carry out and projects to complete. There are other lanes that can’t be used by pedestrians. They are meant for vehicles, meaning that you can not use the vehicle’s lane. You notice ahead of you a clan of humans invading the whole width of the footpath.

Assuming your pace is five times those of the slow walkers. When you finally approach them, you are likely going to face the situation of having to decide on how to get past this group of people. Where there is no way out, you pay the forfeit of your own time of reaching your scheduled destination, resulting in a waste of time. This brings a sudden development of hatred towards slow people.

2. Your efforts are thwarted:

A rivalry with slowpokes can lead to the thwarting of your efforts because they are not capable of contributing positively to your agendas but would like to halt it from taking place. Hence, it will be difficult to make your plans workable when you left it in the hands of a slow person.

Here, we often experience what is referred to as mental slowness. Your brain tends to hate people who are not suffering from mental illness, but actually able, yet, are slowpokes. These slow people will not listen to your instructions at a time, they will keep calling for repetition, of which they will not implement it until you decide to handle it yourself. When this happens, there is a feeling of despise coming from the mind.

3. Silly questioning:

People who are slow in one way or the other are characterized by their manner of asking some silly questions on issues that have been clearly stated and discussed several times. You will explain something to their understanding but they will pretend to have no idea about it. Such people are easily despised by your brain.

4. Unable to adapt:

People who are used to working under pressure in their places of specialization and who possess time constraints will express detest because they are hastening up and working at maximum speed to accomplish their target. Therefore, any person who is sluggish and hinders the rate at which work is done is probably going to be despised.

In conclusion, often you have witnessed slowpokes in thought processes at schools, places of work, movement, and simple chores in the house. The mood of your reaction towards these set of people is caused by their dismal approach to things. Their actions are felt in the body and the brain is not left out in detesting slowpokes.

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