The Home Updates You Didn’t Know You Needed

Are you planning to purchase a new home, or do you currently own one? If so, frequent home maintenance can prevent you from reselling your home at a low price or incurring costly repairs. Surprisingly, 35% of home renovation jobs involved whole home renovations. Updating a home enhances the comfort of its residence and helps improve its appearance. Undertaking significant repairs like roof renovation also enhances safety and security. Unfortunately, homeowners usually forget or overlook certain areas when updating their homes. Here are home updates that are commonly ignored.

Inspecting And Updating The Roof

Generally, the roof is usually an unnoticeable or hidden part of a home. Most homeowners typically skip this part while inspecting their homes unless the roof starts leaking. Failure to inspect your roof can cause serious problems in your house and force you to incur a lot of cash since minor issues may worsen. If you want materials that need less maintenance, metal roofs can last over 30 years. Consider including a roof inspection in your annual planner to avoid such inconveniences.

Try to develop a habit of inspecting your roof at least once or twice annually. Your inspection should focus on looking for missing and damaged shingles, sun rot or rusty shingles, algae or moss buildup, and rotting parts of the roof. Since a roof inspection can be an overwhelming task, consider hiring a roofing expert to do the task.

Cleaning And Updating The Gutters

Homeowners usually overlook this home feature since it is located outside the house. Besides, dirt and the buildup of leaves can be hard to notice. Failure to clean your gutters can cause a backlog of water that can easily penetrate your house and cause mold or flooding. During winter, ice dam formation can make the water overflow and freeze onto your roofing, causing the gutters to detach due to overweight caused by ice. Moreover, clogged gutters can host rodents and insects that may easily penetrate your house.

Cleaning Your Chimney

Burning wood can cause creosote, which is a highly flammable element, to build up inside your chimney. Inspecting and cleaning your chimney effectively eliminates creosote and soot, minimizing the chances of potential fire hazards. Although you may not have used your chimney for some time, cleaning and inspecting it prevents pests from building nests that clog your chimney chamber or flue.

Showerhead Replacements

The inner part of a showerhead usually contains the accumulation of dirt and grime, especially after a year without a replacement. Typically, people don’t note this part since it is hidden. You should consider replacing your old showerheads to have a good bath daily. Showerheads should be replaced at least once or twice a year.

Inspection and Replacement Of Door Locks

One of the critical aspects when upgrading your home is conducting a thorough security audit of the home. This can prevent placing your loved ones in danger and also helps to safeguard your assets. Apart from keeping your family safe from intruders, conducting a security check in your home can also determine parts that need improvement.

A perfect example of features that play an integral role in enhancing your home security is door locks. Failure to inspect them can inconvenience your family or place them in danger. For instance, rusty and old locks can accidentally lock you or someone else inside your house. Consider examining your door locks to avoid such scenarios. Besides, this may cause you additional problems. For instance, getting late for school or work.

Outdoor Space

Lastly, you could also consider updating your outdoor space. Some homeowners usually don’t pay attention to various outdoor space aspects while updating their homes. You should consider updating your pathways, external walls, decks, patios, and parking. Ensure you use quality materials, especially when it comes to flooring. Moreover, if you choose crushed stones, they are available in sizes ranging from 0.5 -4 inches.

A home renovation can significantly transform your home. Although most homeowners are keen on maintaining their homes, they usually forget or ignore certain key areas. Always remember the above areas to avoid future inconveniences.

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