What Are the Best Home Improvements for the Summer?

Summer is a great time to make improvements to your home. If you’re considering home improvement projects, there is a lot that can improve both the value of your home and your quality of life inside of it. As you plan for your summer, consider which projects would be most valuable. If you’re unsure where to begin, here are some of the best home improvements for summer.

Roof Replacement

If you’ve never replaced your roof, it might be time. Even if you take good care of your roof, it has an expected lifespan. If you neglect it, it might not reach that lifespan without serious damage. However, even a good roof will eventually wear out. Experts recommend getting your roof inspected by a professional inspector if it is over ten years old. If there is too much damage, or it is reaching the end of its life, consider replacing it over the summer. A new roof is a big investment, so you’ll need to plan carefully. But it can add considerable value to your home, as well as keep it more secure.

Window Replacements

The Department of Energy says that you can lose 25% to 30% of your home’s warm air through a drafty window. While this might not be as frustrating in the summer, when you have the windows open anyway, it will come back to haunt you in the winter months. Or, if you live in a hot climate, it could already impact you with air-conditioned air leakage. Take some time this summer to replace old windows in your home. By getting new windows, you’ll also make your home more energy-efficient. This can save you significant amounts of money.

HVAC Improvements

Your HVAC system works all year long. If you’ve got central heating and air, then you rely on it to keep your environment safe and comfortable. This summer, consider making upgrades to your home’s HVAC system. You could do smaller things like invest in new filters and maintenance. Or you might replace parts of it. Heating and cooling your home accounts for about 48% of your energy usage. If you make HVAC repairs now, you’ll be able to decrease the amount of money you spend in the future.

Add a Deck or Patio

During the summer months, you want to be able to use your yard. If you want to make your yard more enjoyable, plus add more value to your home, consider adding an exterior structure like a deck or patio to your property. This will provide you with a comfortable place to socialize or relax outdoors while improving the look of your yard as well. While it is a big investment that will likely take some time to complete, you’ll have a space you can use for years once it’s completed.

Rent or Buy a Power Washer

Your home’s exterior will get dirty. While you might be able to get some of it off with your standard garden hose, you won’t be able to get all of it. Buy a power washer or rent one from your local hardware store. You can use it to scrub the exterior of your home, making the siding look fresh and new. You can also use it for surfaces like driveways and walkways. This will improve your home’s curb appeal as well if you’re considering selling it.

If you want to improve your home this summer, there are plenty of ways to do so. Take some time to consider what needs to be fixed and where your time and energy would be best used. If you’re unsure where to begin, consider one of the best home improvements for the summer that are listed above.

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