What Can I Do to Help My New Roof Last Longer?

Getting a new roof for your home is one of the best things that you can do, given the value that it will have for your property. You, therefore, need to ensure that your investment lasts for long enough to be worth the time and money that has gone into it. With metal roofs having the ability to last between 40 to 70 years depending on the material that they’re made of, this is a possibility. Here’s how you can help your new roof last for the longest time possible.

Make Fixes As Soon As Possible

The first piece of advice that you should keep in mind is to make any fixes as soon as you discover them. Doing this will enable you to make some savings as far as your time and money go. This is because making fixes early enough will enable you to nip future problems in the bud and enjoy the convenience of doing so. Some of the signs that you have a problem at hand include a sagging roof line, leaks, missing shingles, and an accumulation of debris on the roof. These all point to potential issues that you must evaluate early enough to fix before they lead to further damage that you could have avoided.

The fact that a replacement roof can yield 85% or even more of its investment costs on resale, according to some authorities, makes it important to take good care of your new roof. Some owners can even take 100% or more of the money they spent on a new roof by getting a better sale price, so keep this in mind when taking measures to preserve the integrity of your home’s new roof.

Have It Inspected on a Regular Basis

Regular roof inspections are the main way in which you can find out about potential issues with your roof. This will enable you to take the necessary actions to preserve your roof and extend its lifespan. Make sure that an expert inspects your roof as they will be better placed to spot potential issues with your roof down the road. Schedule these inspections for once a year at minimum, or more frequently if your home is in an area that experiences harsh weather on a regular basis. This can enable you to maintain it in a great state for a long time to come.

Work on Preventative Measures

Prevention is always better than cure, and in the case of a good roof, this is even more true. Make sure that you know the material and type of roof that you have so that you know what steps to take in order to keep it in good shape for a long time. For example, single-ply PVC is one of the longest-lasting materials for flat roofs and it can typically go for at least 15 years without needing to be replaced. When you know the exact material that you have, it may be easier to know the steps that you need to take to keep it in good shape by performing preventative measures that are actually relevant to it.

Always Work With Professionals

Finally, whatever you need to do to your roof, remember to always work with professionals. This will keep you safe from the expense of guesswork and shoddy workmanship. An untrained roofing contractor may neglect to take certain steps or even be unsure of how to do certain things in the first place. This can predispose you to an array of issues that you’re trying to avoid by doing inspections and repairs in the first place, so don’t take this chance.

Take these steps to ensure that your new roof lasts for the longest time possible. In the end, you will see the worth of every cent you spent on maintenance and prevention for your roof.

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