What to Consider In Your 2022 New Home Build

A home is arguably the most important project one can ever do. 2022 has seen a spike in the number of people opting to build new houses instead of buying them. After the pandemic, many industries have been forced to scale down their activities but the building industry is on a rising trajectory. The value of homes is continuously appreciating, mortgage rates are low and the growth of the economic confidence index could hardly have been predicted in 2020. Major real estate bodies predict that this growth will continue. 31 million people moved within the United States in 2019 alone, so you need to consider what you want out of a new home build.

Homeowners Associations

One of the visible trends is the increasing number of people joining homeowners associations to get their houses. The community part of homeowners associations makes it easier for people to raise funds to buy land and also guarantees them a community neighborhood. Research shows that close to 40 million units are part of community housing associations. 89% of the people that live in homeowners association communities rate their experience positively. According to the Community Association Institute (CAI), the value of homes owned by Homeowners associations exceeds 6.8 trillion. Aspiring homeowners should consider homeowners associations as a place to get their houses.

Labor Shifts

The cost of building in 2022 is significantly lower than it was in the previous years. One of the main factors leading to this is the change in labor trends. After the pandemic, the country has experienced many job resignations. These resignations are responsible for the increasing number of homes being bought throughout the year. Despite losing an income, most of the people who resign plan their lives out of work. The most important thing to do for them is to build or buy a home to ensure that they have a roof over their head even after resigning. These changes in the labor market are a paradox as homeownership increases with dwindling labor markets.

Supply Prices

The prices of building supplies have declined throughout the year. After the pandemic, where production costs were at an all-time high, the resumption of normalcy is increasing the production. This has led to lowered prices of building supplies. Access to building supplies at affordable prices has helped many construction companies resume their full-scale works after the pandemic. More houses are being constructed with their prices increasingly falling to the pre-covid era rates.

Home Design

If one is constructing a home they need to consider using modern designs that meet the demands of life after the pandemic. The pandemic has affected lives and changed how people live and work. Many companies now have blended working environments where one can work both from home and from the office. A home office should be a consideration for those planning to build a home. When designing the house one should consider improving its usability in the post-covid era. Houses that are adaptive to these changes have more value.


The flooring of a new house should also be a consideration for those building homes. Data shows that 37% of American homeowners had floor jobs done in the past year. Both flooring removal land restorations were conducted in equal measure. The choice of floor is so important that more than a third of all Americans had a floor job in the past year. This then behooves new homeowners to pay attention to the flooring of their new houses. It’s not economical to have a floor replaced after just a few years of having it installed. One should consider their floor’s ability to regulate temperatures before installing them.

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