What to Do With a Family Car After an Accident

Getting into an accident is something that everyone hopes does not happen to them, whether they are driving a family car or any other car. It’s however important to be well-prepared in case an accident does happen, and here is what you should do with a family car after an accident.

Move the Car Out of Traffic

The first thing to do with a family car after getting into an accident, if everyone who was involved in the accident is safe, is to move the car out of traffic. This will help you stay safe from another potential accident and will also help prevent traffic from building up at the accident scene. Do so carefully while keeping your personal safety at the top of your mind because anything can happen on the road. Once everyone and all cars are safely off the road, you can proceed with the other measures including exchanging important information.

Take Pictures

Remember to take pictures of any damage that has occurred to the car, no matter how minor or self-explanatory the damage is. This can help a lot for documentation and other purposes so you should do it well, clearly showing the damage. Remember that when a crack on the windshield is over six inches long or is longer than a dollar bill, you have to replace the whole windshield. With this in mind, clearly document all the damages and you will have an easier time going through the other processes.

Contact the Police

Don’t forget to call the police to the scene of the accident as they need to document it and make a legal record. They will also help you work out any issues that may occur as a result of the accident. The police will need to record the accident and serve you with documentation that you will use for getting compensation if any is due to you. They should also determine whether any laws were broken and propose the necessary action to be taken.

Write All Details of the Accident

If you have a notepad and pen, note down as many details that you can about the accident while it’s still fresh in your memory. You can also use a note-taking application on your mobile phone or make an audio recording. If there are any witnesses present, note their names and contact details as they could come in handy. While a mere 4% to 5% of personal injury cases end up going to trial and 95% get settled pre-trial, you are better off collecting anything you may need if you have to go to trial than need it and be without.

Call Your Insurance Company

Finally, you should call your insurance company and notify them of the accident. Let them know about the damage that the car has suffered and any other details that they may ask you for and follow their advice. Even if the car has been damaged badly in the accident and it has to be written off, it may surprise you to learn that not all the parts of a car can get recycled. Just 80% of the vehicle by its weight can be recycled while the 20% that remains is usually called auto shredder residue. This may be disappointing news for people who want to live a green lifestyle.

Keep these things in your mind to help you if you are ever involved in an accident. You may be likely to have an easier time when you know the steps to take than you would if you had to try and search just after being involved in an accident.

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