Why Choose Pressable for Managed WordPress Hosting?

In the world of managed WordPress hosting, Pressable stands out as one of the big names in the game. Their whole motto is to relax and enjoy doing what you love to do and not worry about managing your WordPress website.

Pressable allows you to focus on your business instead of investing your time, money, and energy in worrying about the performance of your website, not to mention maintenance. If you’re not tech-savvy, managed hosting plans such as the one Pressable offers are what you need. 

So, let’s explore why choosing Pressable for Managed WordPress hosting instead of its competitors is a wise move. 

Pressable Managed WordPress Hosting has the best features!

Performance Enhancing Features:

By far, Pressable managed WordPress hosting is one of the best services you can get when it comes to performance. Your website(s) will load faster than the time it takes to say Mississippi.

With their Up-time Guarantee, you shouldn’t worry about your websites not functioning or anything that would hinder your business.

Pressable uses an advanced server structure that guarantees you’ll never face technical difficulties. 

Support Features:

Even when you face technical difficulties, something very unlikely with Pressable, their support is always there to help. 

As a customer, you get support whenever you need it. They also offer a course in addition to their service. That WP101 WordPress training Pressable offers should come in really handy when you face minor issues that you can fix in seconds without needing anyone.

Development Features:

User experience is a high priority for Pressable. Their development features allow you to have a scalable WordPress hosting service that’s actually impressive. 

The easy-to-use dashboard, automatic daily back-ups, and other extra perks make Pressable number one when it comes to development features. 

Security Features:

Worrying about security can be a huge let-down, especially when you have tried a hosting plan before and it failed you. 

With Pressable, you shouldn’t even bother to think about how your website can be compromised. The reason is simple, they’ve already figured out everything there’s to know and do to keep your website secure for you. 

Check out Pressable’s security features for more information.

 It’s Easy to Get Started with Pressable 

Setting up a website has never been easier! With Pressable you can set up Your Website and Let It Run Fast and Securely, Automatically”. You don’t need to set up all the performance optimization plugins or tedious configurations. 

All you need to do is follow their easy steps, which shouldn’t be too complicated for anyone. 

Just add a website name and domain, and you’re good to go. WordPress gets set up automatically with installing the performance and security plugin: Jetpack Premium.

If you’re migrating from another host, use the migrate option in the dashboard to migrate to Pressable. If you can’t do that yourself, Pressable offers to do that for you for free. 

Pressable’s support team will always be there for you to help you along the way. If you need to know more about how to set up your website, check out their Ebook:

Top 10 Beginner Tips For Building A WordPress Website.

Pressable is reasonably priced!

Starting their plans at only $19 per month, and considering all the perks, Pressable is definitely a good deal. If you’re looking for top-notch services worth their costs, you shouldn’t hesitate to go with Pressable, especially since they have a fantastic refund policy. 

Suppose you’re not satisfied with your managed hosting plan, something highly unlikely with Pressable. In that case, you can always get your money back. Pressable offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.  

Depending on your business and your needs, you can upgrade your membership plan with Pressable to include more services, better support, and generally, a better experience. 

While this is something you might not need if you have a small business, big businesses, on the other hand, can customize their plans with Pressable to include more storage and more website reach. 

Naturally, a prominent business should be able to afford to spend more money to get a considerable number of visits per month, which is something that Pressable offers. If your website’s data needs more storage space, you can also upgrade your plan. 

For a better idea about the prices of Pressbale, you can visit their managed WordPress Hosting Plans.


Bottom line

The conclusion is quite simple; you shouldn’t overthink getting involved with Pressable. 

Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting plans are the best you can get at those competitive prices.

 Once you subscribe to the plan that suits you the most, that’s all it takes to lay back and relax while your website is out there in cyberspace, performing like a champ!

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