Why You Should Stop Coddling Dogs – They Are 99.9% Wolves.

Why You Should Stop Coddling Dogs - They Are 99.9% Wolves 2

Choosing to have dogs as pets and treating them with great care is like barking up the wrong tree. At some points, you will be prone to developing a hatred for dogs because of their behaviours. That is when they started showing those characters that made them a replica of wolves. You now realize that they don’t deserve such care and start to recall the negative behaviours of your dog, and it leads you to the reasons why you should stop coddling dogs because they are 99.9% wolves.

Comparison between dog and wolf

Dogs have similar characteristics as “Gray Wolf’s”, up to 99.9%. So what is the other 0.1% made up of?

Well, it is the gene responsible for fat and carbohydrates digestion. This is the only way we can say they differ from wolves due to the fact that this gene is carrying out an internal function in the body. Meanwhile, other observable traits are not far from those ones seen in a wolf. These studies were first carried out by Robert Wayne. Other scientists have conducted research on dogs for psychological behaviours and many other traits.

So the studies by Roberts made it easier to understand that though modern man has domesticated dogs and used them even as pets, it has however not changed its makeup which makes them behave like wolves.

What are the things that your dog can do?

Every wild dog has a soft side when you are known to them. To rate your dog, efforts should be put to study both the wildest and the softest parts of your dog. But unlike the wolf, dogs can be trained to perform specific tasks through human guidance.

Dogs can be taught obedience. They obey commands based on human facial expressions. They live by their ability to not only smell but decipher the odours so perceived and associate them with substances or human.

Why You Should Stop Coddling Dogs - They Are 99.9% Wolves

Why your dog possesses the characteristics of a wolf despite the training receives

Until domestication, the dog had lived in the forest like wolves. So, no matter how well behaved, it still retains its wildness as the wolves.

Ever wondered why dogs bite?

The dog still possesses a sense of survival. So it tends to be aggressive at anything that threatens its existence. As much as they look adorable with their fluffy furs, it does not change the fact that the dog is a wolf turned dog.

Breeds of dogs

Recent observations have made us discover that almost every household in America and other countries of the world has at least a dog as a pet.

Now, these dogs are of different breeds and are being reared by humans according to their preferred choices. While some prefer the German Shepherd puppy, others prefer the Australian Shepherd puppy and the rest that genetics has paved way for through mutation.

Nevertheless, man has grown so accustomed to having a puppy around. These puppies, in turn, become very loyal to their owners.

They become protective and submissive to the owner. It wags its tail when excited. When cuddled, it appears weak and unharmful – but that’s only to those it has been familiar with. Some barks and jumps aggressively at any intruder who penetrates the environment and this gives rise to dogs becoming security agents and watching over a particular household.

Finally, not every pet you see are as friendly as suspected. While they are lovey-dovey with the owners like a harmless child, it turns a wolf with whoever or whatever appears as a threat to their surroundings. Hence, why you should stop coddling dogs who are 99.9% wolves to guests.

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