Why Your Indecision is Costing You Time, Money, and Of Course Opportunities

Why Your Indecision is Costing You Time, Money, and Of Course Opportunities

Not only you but also too many people are found in the state of indecision. Either the matter is of painting the room or buying a new car or selecting a life partner, they cannot make the right decision at the right time. Resultantly, they regret the loss of opportunity. At the same time, they watch the others joyfully utilizing the same opportunity. It is the indecision that makes you Hamlet; a Shakespearian tragic hero remained indecisive till the end of the novel and met a tragic death. To be or not to be was the theme of the novel. Similarly, you cannot decide whether to do something or not. 

How to be decisive

You have long been in a state of indecision while making a judgment. As a result, you lost a big chance in your life. You have been regretting ever since. But time has passed. The clock cannot be wound back. 

Evaluate the things for their importance

Sometimes it so happens that you have to take more than one decision in your life at a time. You take a long time to decide, and the opportunity goes to waste. What do you need to know? You are required to be selective. You cannot hold too many positions at a time. Nor can you avail all the opportunities side by side. You should evaluate the opportunities in a short time. Select the best one and leave the others for someone else. You don’t have a divine right to avail all the opportunities simultaneously. Stick to the best opportunity with body and soul to achieve your desired targets. The rest are not yours; keep in mind. Sometimes you take too long to decide, and others initiate, and your opportunity is grabbed by them. You remain helpless at the end. Be speedy in taking the right decision. You can consult with the best of your friends while taking some important decisions. The opportunity should not go waste. 

Along with the opportunity, money and time also go waste

If you waste an opportunity, it means you also wasted time and money; Imagine the people who missed to be the first Canadian bitcoin exchange investors? They not only missed an opportunity but also a huge amount of money.

1- Learn to Take Decision Quickly

In the field of business or at any other place, you have very little time to make a final decision to do something or not. There is a famous proverb in the business; for example, “time is money”.

If you save time, you saved money. In other words, you should have taken the solid decision in between yes or no.

The good decision-power takes you to a height of success. But if you delay, it means you are indecisive; resultantly, the failure becomes your destiny. You are responsible for it. Shortly, take a final decision shortly, whether you will do something or not. If you have decided not to do something, never look behind to think about it again. If you have decided to do it, stick to it, and take quick, solid, and forceful action to accomplish it as early as possible.

Imagine a hunter who hesitates before using his best crossbow for deer hunting? if he snoozes, he loses the prey.

2- Remain Flexible to adapt you with changes

You may have made up your deficiency by learning how to make quick decisions and how to evaluate the things and opportunities. However, the circumstances also matter in the affair of life. It is also a great fact that many persons with strong will-power become helpless before circumstances going against their favor. You cannot obtain the desired result out of things sometimes. But there is no need to lose your heart. It happens to all in life. Reading through history, you will come to know that the great persons in history got helpless altogether. You are not an exception. 

You need to adapt yourself to the circumstances. Here again, you have to be decisive. Imagine you were connected online taping PSW jobs Toronto to look at some vacancies. But you found a perfect position in Ottawa with a better salary and benefits. What are you going to do in this situation?

There is no need to morn about the circumstances. You are required to evaluate the situation for the best possible solution to the problem. Here you are not making a decision for success or profit. You are making an effort to avert maximum loss. You are in the middle of the situation in which you have to save something. If you lose hope, you will lose all. If you are indecisive, you will even lose everything. Adapt yourself to the circumstances. Again recount human history; you will come to know that great generals of Army despite their great will-power adapted themselves to the circumstances to avert the maximum loss. 


Taking a final decision, whether it proves to be wrong thereafter, is better than remaining indecisive. In a fast running life, you are left with a very short time to decide whether you do something or not. Your delay deprives you of great opportunity. Also, you need to learn how to adapt yourself to the circumstances. 

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