Your Marriage is ‘on the Brink of Collapse’? Think These things

Your marriage is 'on the brink of collapse'? Think these things

Here, you will learn: how to keep the family alive if it is on the verge of divorce? Why is it worth saving a relationship? What leads to a breakup the most? Actionable tips are based on the personal life experiences of men and women who are ready to fight for their marriage.

Perhaps most are familiar with the situation in which conflicts and disagreements arise even in the most ideal relationship. While some couples work together to save the marriage, others simply give up. Unfortunately, according to statistics, married couples decide to leave every second, without trying to bring the family to the brink of divorce.

Not only celebrities, but some couples experience the same thing. A psychotherapist who is a marriage therapist and educator, she believes that women contemplating divorce will benefit from looking at this issue carefully from all sides.

There is no taking divorce lightly and not every marriage can or should be saved. Everyone’s condition is different, only you know exactly the household situation and relationship with your partner. The most important factor is not to make decisions without consideration. But you need the right and appropriate support to make big decisions.

What’s my loss?

Divorce means big changes. Change in income, health insurance, maybe also a place to live. Ask yourself, can I be independent? Am I willing to make sacrifices? Do I have enough social contacts to open a business, get a job or generate an income that can cover expenses? Even if you have income, but so far, expenses are not 100 percent of your responsibility. All of this may not be the determining factor for you, but taking the time to consider all the consequences of a change can’t hurt. At least, you are prepared for the next time you have to lose some personal spending.  

Will I be happier?

Right now you may be in a very sad condition. But keep in mind that the divorce also has a stressful effect on you. So this is definitely not a quick way to reverse your feelings. Many divorced women are surprised that their unhappiness does not disappear after they separate from their partners. 

So be honest in assessing yourself: what thoughts and feelings come when you imagine getting divorced? What emotional difficulties or mood swings might I have? Is it a problem, that at least half of the burden of inner unhappiness will be lifted? Having close friends, family, support groups, or psychotherapy is very important at this point in your life. They are needed to find out what is best and how to deal with the consequences.

How does divorce affect my child?

It’s a really big one. Common sense says marriage with a high degree of conflict is worse than a peaceful divorce. But the latter can be an exception, especially when the custody arrangement puts you in constant conflict with your ex-husband. 

A recent publication is based on an eight-decade longevity study of anxiety about the adverse effects of divorce on children. The most damaging thing for children is the high level of conflict in the family. So whether you are divorced or not, if you have children, you both have to deal with any conflicts that arise in the household. Even if divorce is inevitable,

Have I tried?

The desire to separate usually comes from not wanting to accept the fact that unhappiness has occurred. There is nothing wrong with feeling unhappy in your marriage. In fact, unhappiness can be a valuable indicator that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. 

Could this be a means of learning how to effectively express what you can’t accept and that your partner actually overhears? In many cases, there will still be time for divorce at a later date, but there may not always be time to save a marriage. Make sure you have tried all you can with your marriage before divorcing. You may need the help of a professional skilled in helping to improve household relationships.

Final words

Wishing to save the family, the woman should show tenderness and tact, kindness and sensitivity, and also the firmness of character, purposefulness, and the ability to take responsibility for oneself. But remember that you shouldn’t save a relationship when there is no mutual respect in them if all your efforts are followed by cold and rudeness.

If the husband uses drugs, and he raised his hand. Then the only way out for a woman in this case: rather get a divorce and find her happiness with a worthy.

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